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How To Use A Sewing Machine

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How to use a sewing machine
To feel comfy working with a sewing machine it is significant that you know how it actually works. Once you know the parts and what they do for the sewing machine it will make sewing a lot easier than if you know nothing about a sewing machine. If you already have a machine, it's vital that you make sure it's been recently serviced. I do believe that it’s better to use metal parts for the sewing machine. I do recommend that all first timers get a basic machine. If you follow these simple steps in order you will learn to use a sewing machine in no time.
To use a sewing there are a few things that you need to make sure that you have. The main thing that you need is a sewing machine without that I don’t know how you would learn to use something you don’t have. Now that you have a sewing machine its best you read the directions that come with it. After you read the directions and fully understand them analyze the sewing ...view middle of the document...

To take out the needle, screw the little knob (that is near the needle) to its right a couple of turns this will release the needle so you can pull it out. To add the needle, just push it up into the hole where the first needle was and tighten up the handle again. The top of the needle is rounded on the front side and flat on the back side so you should be able to tell which way to fit it.
To begin using a sewing machine these steps are where you would start at. First Place spool of thread on spool pin. Take thread through thread guide on top back of machine. Take thread around back side of pressure wheel. Transport the thread up front side of tension wheel and behind the hook. Bring thread through the metal guide that looks like it was made with a metal clip. The thread should come from the back of the machine to the front. Turn wheel at far right of machine towards you to bring both the needle and the tension guide to the highest position. Thread tension guide. Bring thread down from the tension guide and through the next thread guide which is a small hook on the left face of the machine.
Now it’s time to thread your needle. On this machine you need to thread it from left side to right side, because the last thread guide forced the thread down the left-hand side of the needle. Some machines you would thread front to back. Place bobbin in the bobbin case. Take thread through the opening at the bottom of the bobbin case, this will force the thread to come out the hole in the bobbin case. Place bobbin in the bobbin bracket on the machine. Twist the bobbin until it drops or clicks into place. On older machines this is under the machine and has a door you lift to access this. On the newer machines, there is a place for the bobbin directed underneath the needle which you can see as you look at the machine without opening anything. Put the threads on the base of the sewing machine.
Now that all the steps are done you are now ready to use a sewing machine. Just remember to practice setting up a few times to make sure that you understand how to use a sewing machine. You can now get your fabric and begin to use your sewing machine. Always remember to be patient, have fun, and definitely stay safe!

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