How To Use Healthier Cooking Methods?

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Kitchen Disaster Management Tips
Do the words danger, caution, accident et al ring a bell? Serpentine or hairpin bends and rash driving? Think again! You are very close to an extreme danger zone in your very own home - your kitchen. Shocked? A little mindfulness , some knowledge of basic kitchen safety rules and your mom’s kitchen safety tips are all that is required in keeping your cooking area safe and hanzard-free. Relax! Kitchen safety is not exactly rocket science. It is a fun-filled game.
Tips for Daredevils
Let kitchen hygiene and rules for kitchen safety start with your mischievous daredevil kids. ...view middle of the document...

Store matches, candles and lighters away from electrical appliances and stoves.
Handling Perilous Kitchen Weapons
Now that we have learnt some basic rules of safety with appliances, let us move on to handling the sharp objects and equipments in your kitchen that may turn into dangerous weapons if not handled and kept properly. Yes, cooking equipments cause small accidents every now and then. Sometimes, these can even be life-threatening. Handling kitchen equipments smartly ensures you enjoyable and hazard-free cooking sessions. It also earns you the crown of the Messiah of Kitchen Safety Rules. Here comes some easy-to-do but easy-to-overlook safety tips.
Store sharp objects such as knives etc. in a wooden board or in a drawer after use.
Keep pot and pan handles away from the side where you are standing and away from fire. There is a chance that you might accidentally bump into it while cooking. Children may grab them and be hurt as well if kept otherwise.
Turn off the oven and the stove immediately after use.
Keep hot utensils away from reach...

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