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How To Use Memory Systems To Strengthen Your Study In Fashion Technology?

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This paper is about the efficient study method of transferring new knowledge from short-term memory store to long-term memory store under human memory system. Literatures are used to reveal basic concepts of memory system, experiment about boosting newly learned knowledge from short-term memory store to long-term memory store would also be reviewed and discussed. In the last part of the paper, a conclusion of the discussion, also some study methods would be suggested base on the concepts and experiments discussed. It was noted that the paper and suggested study methods are mainly focused in strengthening the fashion technology study.

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However, revision should not be only sufficient but should be efficient too. An experiment and research did by Dewar, Alber, Butler, Cowan and Della Sala (2012), suggested that wakeful resting is useful for a longer term memory. The experiment result is that the group of participants who had wakeful resting after a story presentation can remember the story over much longer period than the group who concentrate to play a spot-the-difference game right after the story presentation. The research finding is that “wakeful resting after new learning allows new memory traces to be consolidated better and hence to be retained for much longer”.

3. Argument & Discussion
The paper discusses the useful ways to reinforce the knowledge in our long-term memory store. Based on the theory stated by Atkinson and Shiffrin, it means that if we want the new verbal knowledge to be stay in the long-term memory store but not only the short-term memory store, revisions of the knowledge should be sufficient. It was so true to say that repetition and sufficient rehearse of knowledge can consolidate the knowledge in our brain. As to reinforce the knowledge revised, we can frequently think about the knowledge, for any reasons. This can be explained by the greater retrieval and recall of memory can consolidate the memory, for example, by practicing the hand knitting machine regularly, the working procedures would be recalled, thus the procedures would be remembered. For the experiment did by Alber, Butler, Cowan and Della Sala, the findings implies that occupied breaks, like playing games or reading forums included in the revision process, it does not serve as an efficient rest. But when wakeful and unoccupied breaks included during the study sessions, it shall provide chance to consolidate the knowledge in the long-term memory store, as a result, the memory can last for much longer period, like decades.

It is to conclude that as the study of fashion technology emphasize on the remembrance of new concept and new words, repetition or rehearsed of knowledge, the greater think of knowledge, as well as avoiding marathon studying sessions and take regular wakeful rest after revision are ways to strengthen the study in...

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