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How To Work Concessions Essay

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My first job was working at the Carmike Cinemas at the Summit. My main duty, among others at the theater, was working the concession stands. It was an entertaining job. It took me awhile to learn the ropes, but once I did, it was smooth sailing. There were several times the concessionaires stands were run by only one person. While it is fun working in a concession stand, I couldn’t forget about my responsibilities. A rush of thousands of people is a daunting task, but it will go smoothly if my station is primed. The keys to a smooth operation are organization, attentiveness, preparation, and (as my manager put it) sell, sell, sell.
Before I could sell anything I had to be ready. The first thing to do after clocking in is open the concession stand. Opening consists of task that equip me for any customers I will have. The first thing I must do is make sure that the popcorn is popped and ready to serve. I must check that there is ice in the ice bins. The stock, such as cups, bags, and various other concession items must be within reach. I can’t sell anything if there isn’t anything ready to sell. Next I open my register and make sure it has the correct amount of money to open. I finish it off by logging into my company account. Opening can seem a bit tedious, but I am thankful later when I don’t have to refill or restock during a massive rush.
The main function of the concession stands is to make money, so I had to be very familiar with the cash register. The register consists of a touch screen layout with a complex menu system. The job does not stop at just running the register; you have to know how to sell the product. All the money the movie theaters make is at concessions. It is my job to up sale the big-ticket menu items. Up-selling is a technique where a seller suggests a higher priced menu item. For instance, if a customer was buying a medium drink I would say “Would you like to upgrade your medium drink to a large...

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