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How to Impress a Woman!WARNING! Women are fickle things. Yet one day every man desires one in his life. Take these suggestions, and become a successful chick-magnet. Every man has his own variations, but here are the basics.We men have been defined as creatures that spend our first nine months struggling to get out of one woman and the rest of our lives striving to get into as many others as possible. A bit cynical you say? Not at all. When was the last time that you - assuming you're a heterosexual male - did something that had nothing whatsoever to do with impressing (or appeasing) some woman or another? The answer is indefinitely NO. You have been doing it your whole life. It's easy.First you must impress the woman socially. Women are social beings. They thrive on the process of language exchange. If you are not very talkative, step outside your comfort zone. If you talk too much, sit back, and be casual in the conversation. Next you should reek of confidence. You are superman. No other man is like you. But how do you make her feel unique? Read and learn.1. Focus your attention on her. Not on other beautiful women. Not on anything but HER. Make it clear that SHE is important enough to warrant your focus of attention.2. Use her name. The most important word in the world to anyone is their own name. Use it. It's commanding and personal, and it works wonders with women.3. Express an interest in things that are particular to HER. Her family, her background, her interests. Just don't go crazy with your questioning. Lean back and find one topic she seems to be especially excited about, and then pounce on that one.Next you should impress her friends. Do not be subtle, befriend the whole group. Treat her with the same courtesy, respect and enthusiasm in front of your friends, family and colleagues as you do in private. Be a gentleman (gentle + man) and take care of her needs without prompting.Such as: Always open her car door for her. She will expect you to and if you don't she may hold it against you. Don't show her too much attention yet. When at a restaurant always pull her chair out for her when you get to your table. Always help her put her coat on. Before you help her always say, "Here, let me help you with your coat." When walking with a woman on the sidewalk, always walk with you being closest to the street. This is to protect her from any traffic that may wander off the road.Last but not least you need to hide all your known faults. Do feel evil; just place them in the closet to pull out in a week or so. You are not engaged yet, so there are things about you she does not need to know.Every woman wants a stud. But not all guys are the...

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