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How To Write An Essay

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The written word is a robust contrivance that has been used for thousands of years to endow knowledge and emotion upon its audiences. Academic writing is one of the many different types of writing. Academic writing conveys different formalities of writing when compared to a basicity that is Personal writing. Academic writing needs a more organized, formal structure whilst using attire such as in-text citations and references to backup information presented within the script. Academic writing also deals with basal theories and causes ascendant processes and practices in ones everyday life, as well as exploring alternative substitutes for these events according too author Jagg Xaxx. The ...view middle of the document...

After the citations and quotes have been extracted and the paragraph topics organized, I begin working on the Introduction paragraph and the Conclusion Paragraph. Within the introduction paragraph, I try to focus on having a passive and persuasive tone whilst insuring the structure of my writing piece is well academically structured and sentences used are intellectually persuasive, reader friends (easy to understand) and straight to the point. After which, I write up the conclusion paragraph before the body of the essay in order to ensure that after a read of the finished work, my essay is straight to point and does not fade off topic. Fourthly, I begin inserting information into my body paragraphs using different colors (font color), organizing it in a way that shows me where information given relates to each other. After the information has been placed into the paragraphs, I being inserting in-text citations (when needed or used) within the information relevant to each reference. Once the citations are complete and the essay has been read over, I use a Thesaurus and Grammar Check to better the tone of the essay. Finally, once the essay has been edited and finalized, I then insert a reference page including links of the information used along with the dates they where published and the author whom published it.
According to the comments given from my lecturer, my writing piece in general was well structured and conducted. The positive aspect of the feedback stated that my essay was well organized and had shown a good level of critical thinking. “Well organized and showed a level of critical thinking”. However, though it was well organized, my work was made less scientific due to a lack in including references and in-text citations to support my information. The tutor had also mentioned that there where sentence within my essay that where too long and needed to be shortened. Throughout the essay generally, it showed that at some sections, I was focusing more on the facts related to the topic as opposing to my argument on it as mentioned by the lecturer. When evaluating my feedback, I have noticed that my writing skills in general where at a good level and that I managed to convey my understanding of the subject and argument well. However, though that may seem positive, I have understood that I have also had many flaws and weaknesses whilst writing my essay, which I had not kept in mind during its writing process. Firstly, I have a weakness in citing and using references to support the information I had implied within my work piece. Also, another weakness found is that whilst writing my essay, I tend to go for into my thinking stream and write up long sentences that in the finalized version of the essay need to be shortened. The biggest flaw however according to the lecturer is “that it had no supporting references on research to back up any of the arguments you were making – which made it less scientific and seemed more based on your...

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