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How Tobacco Affects The Human Body

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How Tobacco Affects the Human Body
How many people will become smokers this year? How many of those will be diagnosed with a disease? Will you become a smoker? Smoking is a worldwide issue that needs to be resolved. Do they realize the effects of smoking on their body? This addiction is life threatening and can be resolved, simply by quitting.
Most people are unaware of the ingredients in tobacco. The drug levels in the body are affected by tobacco. When a smoker begins to inhale the cigarette, "drug levels peak within ten seconds of inhalation" ("The Deadly Effects of Tobacco Addiction"). Although drug levels peak within ten seconds then disappear, this is an astounding, very quick amount of time. In cigarettes, nicotine is the top contributor of complications in the body. This ingredient "causes addiction. Research shows that nicotine activates the parts of the brain that control feeling of pressure" ("The Deadly Effects of Tobacco Addiction"). Nicotine is a very powerful ingredient. There are a vast number of damaging compounds in cigarettes. Many ingredients are "chemically active. They can start dramatic and fatal changes in the body. There are over 4,000 chemicals, which can be damaging to the smokers body" ("Disadvantages of Smoking-Bad Effects of Smoking"). Some chemicals include tar, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and many other damaging compounds that exert great strain on the body.
Lung cancer and breathing in smoke are a few of the many negative effects of smoking.
Secondhand smoke effects many nonsmokers. The effects of "secondhand smoke can cause heart disease and lung cancer" ("The Deadly Effects of Tobacco Addiction"). It is astonishing that adults whom do not smoke can still be at risk for serious diseases. Lung cancer can destroy the lungs and make breathing difficult. The disease "lung cancer, is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths world-wide, developing in more than a million new patients annually" ("Pleasance 184). With lung cancer being the leading cause in death, smoking increases these risks of getting this terrible disease.
Another lung cancer is small-cell. Small-cell lung cancer is "not surgically resected, meaning that cell lines are an indispensable resource for studying this disease" (Pleasance 184). Since this disease is hard to identify, smoking puts a risk on having small-cell lung cancer. Oxygen is what keeps the body functioning. The low amount of "oxygen and the narrowing of blood vessels to the brain lead to strokes" ("Disadvantages of Smoking-Bad Effects of Smoking"). Smoking makes it very difficult to breathe so therefor exercise and activities can be strenuous.
Due to smoking, mouth and throat cancer can occur. Smoking can cause cancer of the throat. All tobacco users including "smokers, sniffers, and chewers all put their throats in direct contact with the tobacco products they use" (Chastain 72). By putting the throat in direct contact, the esophagus can be greatly affected. The mouth...

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