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The arts and crafts design is a distinctive type of interior design that opts for a beautiful, artistic and natural feeling. It became popular in the turn of the 20th century as a preferred alternative to the more conservative, rigid and stuffy design that was common in the Victorian era. It's a style of expression, appreciation of natural and traditionally made furnishings and the beauty of art. If you're looking to change up the interior design style in your home, there are several ways that you can transition into an arts and crafts style.


Nearly everyone who enjoys the arts and crafts style will tell you that wood is one of the most vital aspects to achieving the style. Not just using items that are made of wood, but keeping them unpainted and usually unstained. Nothing can quite match the look and feel of wood grain in a home, and it is a wonderful addition to any room. Wooden doors, trim, chairs, tables, bed frames, dressers, cabinets and more can all be made from ...view middle of the document...

For example, sliding door hardware can be replaced with craftsman style doorknobs and hinges. Craftsman style hardware looks like hand crafted metal parts that are simplistic yet stylish at the same time. They can come in various styles and colors to match several different types of door.


Stained and leaded windows look gorgeous in houses with arts and crafts décor. They add beautiful and unique designs both inside and outside of the house. You can even get your windows custom designed for a personal touch.

Tips for the Bathroom

It can be hard to come up with arts and crafts décor ideas for the bathroom, but there is one trick to achieving this style in the bathroom and that is utilizing stone. While wood is a more popular option for kitchens and living rooms, stone is seen as a more appealing option in the bathroom. Stone flooring is a particularly popular option for bathrooms along with stone designs in tiling for the walls. You can also add wood items such as wood cabinets and vanities to create a well-rounded look as well.

Tips for the Living Room

When it comes to arts and crafts living rooms, wood reigns supreme. Your furnishings such as recliners, couches, coffee table and TV stand can all be made of wood to create a beautiful natural effect. Don't worry about the couch, chair or recliner being uncomfortable due to their wooden frame, either. Remember, regular couches, chairs and recliners have metal frames and that certainly doesn't sound comfortable. Most wooden furniture has plenty of padding to make them incredibly comfortable, and they come in a variety of fabrics for additional comfort.

Hardwood floors are also a favorite in the living room, and if you want a bit of stone in the living room fireplaces are commonly framed by stone to change up the theme a bit.

Tips for the Kitchen

Both stone and hardwood flooring are common in the kitchen. Wooden counters with stone counter tops are a wonderful combination in any kitchen, and the combination creates a great contrast that is appealing to the eye. For small touches, flowers and plants are always nice to have in the kitchen as long as they don't take up too much counter space. Wood blinds are also a great addition to the windows as they both look great and block out more light than plastic blinds.

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