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How Tv Can Affect A Child

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TV can have a big effect on a child’s life. It can cause many different changes for a person (Boyse). Some of the effects are negative, such as, obesity, bad grades, aggressive behavior, and more (Boyse). Yet, some effects can be positive, such as, educational shows and reading skills (Boyse). Although TV has its advantages, TV takes a big role in a child’s development. TV violence can effect children and change their lives forever.
First, TV can have its good side on a person’s life. TV programs that show role models can make kids change their lifestyle in a good way (Boyse). TV can teach preschoolers the alphabet and kids in grade school can learn about nature or wildlife (How TV Affects ...view middle of the document...

4 hours in a week, children ages 6-11 view 25.5 hours weekly, preschool boys watch 34.56 hours, and preschool girls view 32.44 hours (McKenna). TV shows prettify violence. It often encourages violence as a playful successful way for children to get what they want (Boyse). Every American animated film created between the years 1937 and 1999 included violent acts, and the number of acts is gradually increasing (How TV Affects Your Child).
Behavior changes are the most major changes because of TV violence (Boyse). Many studies of the effects of TV violence on children and teenagers indicated that violence is steadily secured as the correct way to solve problems for children (Children and TV Violence). Extensive research evidence indicates that media violence can contribute to aggressive behavior, desensitization to violence, nightmares, and fear of being harmed (Boyse). By watching TV, children will learn different things that their parents would not want them too (Boyse). Socializing is significant to the developing baby’s health, and TV can prevent social interactions (Boyse). Ads on TV often do not give the truth about their unhealthy food products. This makes children believe how amazing the unhealthy food is (Boyse). Children who watch TV character’s brutal actions are morel likely to do the same action themselves (How TV Affects Your Child). Scientists have studied that teens who view sexual content on TV are expected to imitate what they see, then teenagers who do not (How TV Affects Your Child). Kids often get wounded by mimicking dangerous stunts seen on TV (Boyse). Children under 18 watch characters smoke and drink alcohol making them convinced that it is alright (How TV Affects Your Child). A criminal who mimics TV violence in the real world proves that TV violence can cause crimes (Robinstein).
TV can also affect children in other ways. According to Neil Hickey, “TV is increasingly one of the probable determinants of antisocial behavior.” TV can replace reading and reading is healthier for the brain (Boyse). Children often spend time watching TV instead of playing with friends, doing homework, and other activities (Boyse). Constantly watching TV can cause a child to create bad grades or sleeping...

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