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How Vcan The Internet Save Mone, Time And Lives

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Everyday, the U.S.A is giving the world something new, but no one ever asked for the reason, is it because of education, responsibility, facilities, or just because they care to improve and develop? The internet which is almost the greatest invention of our society was invented in the U.S.A .One of the reasons that the countries of the third world do not have inventions is because of illiteracy which means that the majority of them do not have a good education. Another reason is ignorance, meaning that for example parents in certain locations push their sons to stop education and to begin to work. The final reason is because of the low income as even if a person has the mind to create a new ...view middle of the document...

Also Chika Anyanwu stated that " Technology has redefined humanity, and we can not reverse the trend no matter how hard we try." (p.7).By this quotation, we can clearly understand that technology and new inventions changed our world completely, and we have to follow this changes day after day, and however we will try to keep our habits, the world around us is changing and there isn't any solution to stop it. Our greatest problem, here in Egypt, is that we almost depend on others however we got the best information's sources, good scientists, talented inventors, creative writers, and more. We should discover and recognize the talented and creative people because these are the main basis of development, they are our future. We should not let others benefit from us, or better we should not let others steal from us our things so easily, just under our nose. Why are we getting these people the chance to leave Egypt in order to search for their dreams abroad? Why aren't we helping them to build their future here in Egypt? Why aren't we offering them more job opportunities? We shoud do our best to attract them here in Egypt, we should attract them away from other countries like the U.S.A .In order to improve, we have to look for the main reasons that obstacle us from developing. One of the principal reasons is illiteracy. Here in Egypt we have a lot of illiterate people. We should try t fight this first problem as it is a great problem, a difficult and hard problem, and if it will be solved it will be an enormous step to development. Another problem is education. Schools and universities should...

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