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"How Was The Large Immigration Of Overseas Students Affected New Zealand?" This Essay Is Aimed At How Kiwis See Asian Overseas Students And How They Contributes To The New Zealand Economy.

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In the last few years, the Asian student population has erupted across New Zealand. Just walk down any main road in downtown Auckland and some of the thousands of Asian students staying in the city can be seen. As an Asian student myself but living permanently in New Zealand, I thought it would be interesting to see the country I call home through different eyes. I plan to focus my research on the reasons the students come to New Zealand, the financial effect they have on the country and what sacrifices their families make to send them here.Asian students come to New Zealand to begin an education in a country they only know as clean and green. The other main reason being that compared with other main English speaking countries in the world, New Zealand is the cheapest to study in. Many come here hoping to achieve an entrance to a university, which is less competitive here than in their home country. Because most of their English is not up to a Bursary standard, schools have encouraged these students to do some years in high school, before trying to gain entrance to university. The number of overseas students at primary and secondary schools in New Zealand this year is 10,555, doubling the figure from 1999. There is little doubt that it is because of that incredibly large number that the international experience for many overseas students is under threat. Of all the overseas students in New Zealand over 80% are from Asia, proving that Asian students plays a strong role in our community.The large quantity of overseas students no doubt delivers a considerable of capital into New Zealand's economy. Their families also have a major impact on our country, making finical sacrifices in order for them to come and stay in New Zealand. Money is crucial to the survival of overseas students. Fees for studying in a secondary school can be around $10,000 a year plus $170 a week for accommodation. All together the amount for a year is about $30,000 including living expenses and accommodation. Finding this amount of money can put a big finical strain on the families back home. It is sad to think that some students have abused...

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