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How We Can Help Essay

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How we can help

They fight for our country, they risk life and they risk limb. Many have risked and lost a lot more. some have lost their lives and deserve the greatest respect. But theres a group that also need a lot more help and respect thats the wounded that return home battered and beaten and sadly disabled due to horrid injuries that will forever change their lives. Some physical and some we can't see. These are what they deal with and there are many different ways we can help them.
I believe we should care for them all equally for their sacrifices but first one i think we should help is the wounded with physical injuries. How we can help is by supporting them by supporting people who give them the things they need such as prosthetic legs and arms to keep their lives as normal and they could make it so they don't have to pay for the medical expenses. Then you can support them in person if you see them and thank them for their sacrifice they have made to keep this country free. By helping these brave men and women we can help make the rest of their lives easier and help them stay confident that this country loves them and it can help them from hurting themselves if they have a mental disorders due to the war which is a thing that alone needs to be helped.
The second one we need to help are the men and women with the injuries we can see but with the ones we cant. These are them men and women that have suffered due to a mental disorder caused by the time or events in the military. There many ways we can help these people to. The first way i think we should help is like any other thank them for their service and thank them for the sacrifices they have made to keep america safe. The second way i believe we can help is if we know them try to get them through it with...

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