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How I Compare To Neil In Dead Poet's Society

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In Dead Poet's society, a handful of students discover through the teachings of their English teacher Mr. Keating what kinds of lives they had been leading, and what their lives could be. One student in particular, Neil Perry, discovers a whole new world and his life once and for all changed as a result of the impact of his association with Mr. Keating. The lives of all the boys were drastically changed the day they met Mr. KeatingIn this essay I will try to make a connection with the main character Neil Perry and Myself. I will try to interpret any parallels between Neil and I. 'Carpe Diem' he told them. 'Seize the day, make you lives extraordinary.' With these few words, Mr. Keating opened the minds of his students to the broad possibilities that life held for them. He taught them not only with textbooks but with visual hands on learning. The boys learned that they deserved more than the daily routine, that they were not satisfied with living up to the expectations of others. As a result, they re-established the Dead Poet's society, and thus experienced what they had been protected from previously. He realized what his dreams were, and to accomplish them, he had to do something he had never dared to do in the past, disregard the will of his father. Mr. Keating had encouraged him to do what his heart wanted not what his father had told him to do.. Neil's life was drastically changed as a result of his meeting with Mr. Keating, from a life dedicated to school, to a life dedicated to living. He realized that his dream was to be an actor, and that acting gave him happiness and hope he never had before. The greatest impact that Mr. Keating had on Neil was that he taught him to look past the wishes of others, to see what was really wanted out of life. The marked conclusion of the movie was the climatic suicide. Neil's father had seen that he defied...

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2679 words - 11 pages seize the day, he is both teacher and therapist. The book focuses mainly on Keating's effect on the boys; how he motivates one to become an actor, one to fall in love, one to conquer a crippling shyness and later around the Dead Poets Society, a secret club "dedicated to sucking the marrow out of life." Keating is so convincing that none but the most callous could scoff at his credo: "Poetry is rapture. Without it we are doomed." The

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2682 words - 11 pages . Dead Poets Society is anomalous and prestige book. It is on the side of youth, rebellion, poetry, and passion. In the final analysis, the pluses outweigh the minuses, particularly in the poetry; is shown in a beautiful light. The book is truly in the form of Art. I cannot imagine a better book on how an inspired teacher's mind works. You know at once, why his students would be swept along by his words, he is thinking on his feet, getting high on his thoughts. In addition, that is what Keating is doing: rhythms reveal the free workings of his mind. If only "Dead Poets Society" got into the subject of what Keating gives to teaching and what it gives back to him!

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1082 words - 5 pages You’re on the stage in front of the whole classed tensed and jittery, eyes squeezed shut so unbreakably that there are shapes being stamped into the darkness. Whatever pops into your mind, you rapidly blurt out in search of what you will say next. As you walk down the path of literature, you get lost in the world of poetry. Where do you go next? Dead Poets Society directed by Peter Weir is a film that teaches teens to seize their lives, and

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852 words - 3 pages valedictorian. He's got the responsibility to 'fill some big shoes'; therefore he didn't spend time to communicate with people, while he put all the effort in the school work. It was his roommate, Neil Perry, who tried to help him and finally persuaded him to join in the 'Dead Poets Society', which turned out to be remarkably important for him to be confident in himself. Interestingly, Todd also developed a unique relationship with Mr Keating. He

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793 words - 3 pages to the prescribed text "What's eating Gilbert Grape" in many ways. Firstly, the main character's discovery is made through a catalyst. In Dead Poets Society the characters, Todd Anderson and Neil Perry have made the self-discovery through Mr Keating. While in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape", Gilbert comes to a self-realization by the influence of Becky.Both films are in some way tragedies. In Dead Poets Society, Todd Anderson did not only make the

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789 words - 4 pages For my exit project I chose to analyze the symbolism in Dead Poet’s Society and also look at conformity as one of the main themes. What is conformity? Conformity revolves around the idea that one must modify their behaviour or attitudes in order to comply with the standards of peers and groups. Conformity is one form of social influence and is very much pervasive in social life. Social influence is the idea that the presence of others can

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1349 words - 5 pages Poet's Society, boys gained knowledge of how to break out of conformity and articulate themselves in front of others; while in Separate Peace, boys learn the advantages of conformity among themselves. Gene believed that pursuing the strict traditional values at Devon was the best thing to do. Even when Finny wanted to jump off the tree, Gene felt rather studying as it was more important, "Studying! I snarled. Studying! You know, books. Work

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1071 words - 4 pages performer. Mr. Perry (Neil's father) who has struggled to send his son to an expensive school, wants to see value for money. He wants his son to become a doctor but in the end he pushes him too far. As a result Mr. Keating was to blame for the consequences. The film shows the passage by an individual through a particular stage in life. 'Dead Poet's Society,' is concluded very strongly with a marvelous and extremely emotional

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512 words - 2 pages named Neil Perry. Neil’s father was a ridiculous stereotype of an anxious and controlling parent. He wanted Neil to become a doctor, but Neil’s passion was for acting. His strict father disapproved of this. Neil met with professor Keating’s in his office for advice. In a soft whisper, Neil said, “I talked to my father and he’s making me quit the play at Henley Hall.” Neil’s eyes began to fill with tears. In a

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1491 words - 6 pages sophisticated stuff to each other and being charming and phony." Caulfield just pretends to be cynical. If he were a real misanthropist, he would just know it; he wouldn't be constantly reminding himself of how horrible people are. In sum, Holden represents an idealistic outlook towards existence that can be misread as cynical.In the movie, "Dead Poets' Society", the headmaster Mr. Nolan and Neil Perry's father represent a realistic and pessimistic

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1822 words - 7 pages Peck's Theory of Love and Discipline As Applied to Character Relationships in "The Dead Poets Society" Life is difficult. These are the words with which M. Scott Peck begins The Road Less Traveled. In his opinion, realizing that life is difficult is the first important step on the way to solving life's problems. The second, and perhaps most important, step to solving life's problems is realizing the need for discipline and

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653 words - 3 pages teacher, Mr. Keating. It was a very predictable part. Didn't make sense either, because amidst all of this, you see the principle of the school barking like a dog, hollering at the students to sit down at once. This part let me down a little in what was building up to be a good conclusion.Although being somewhat of a chick-flick, I would recommend Dead Poet's Society to be watched by everyone. Particularly, by teens and their parents. Although this movie becomes a tragedy, it ends with an uplifting note that can teach some teens how to cope with their problems.

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925 words - 4 pages day-seizing stuff, they discover that when he was a student at Welton, Keating was part of a group called the Dead Poets' Society. The things that arise out of that discovery, as well as a new interest in theater, begin to make Neil more and more uncomfortable about things with his father. As Neil explores his budding intellectual freedom, Knox applies Keating's teachings to his very crushy interest in a lovely blonde named Chris. Although she's

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