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How We Got Anti Semitism And How It Lead To Hitler Choosing The Jews

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Anti- Semitism didn’t started when Hitler came to power. Anti- Semitism has lasted for more than 2,000 years (AntiSemitism: The Longest Hatred). Christians and Jews have fought for years because Christians think that Jews only think of themselves and do what betters them. Since anti-Semitism already exist it posed as an effortless target for Hitler. The most extreme case of Anti- Semitism is the Holocaust (Anti-Semitism). “Anti semitism exist not because of the Jew alone, nor because of his neighbors alone, but because of social conditions (Lazare).” Lazare said
“Ignorant of the real cause of their sentiments, those who profess antisemitism, justify their opinion by accusations against the Jew which, as we have seen, do not at all agree with facts. Charges racial, charges religious, charges political and economic, none of these grievances of antisemitism are well founded.”
Anti- Semitism exist not only because of the Jewish people but because of the other people and religions that seen the Jewish people as threat to society. Hitler and the Nazi party would not have been successful in the final solution and other persecution of the Jews if the German people did not already have a history of Anti-Semitism and embraced it’s prejudice.
Anti-Semitism has been changed into countless forms and each of them mean something different but none of them take away any part of the cruelty that was placed on Jewish people. “In 1879, German journalist Wilhelm Marr originated the term antisemitism, denoting the hatred of Jews, and hatred of various liberal, cosmopolitan, and international political trends of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries often associated with Jews (Anti-Semitism).” “Anti-Zionism” is the hatred of Jews and “Anti Semitism” is discrimination of Israel and Zionism is racism (Lipset). Theses two terms can often be misused or misunderstood but there is difference between them. Anti- Judaism is the hatred of the Jewish religion (Wistrich). “It is perfectly possible to hate and even to persecute Jews without necessarily being Anti-Semitic(Lewis 155).” Lewis said
“Unfortunately, hatred and persecution are a normal are of the human experience. Taking a disliking, mild or intense, to people who are different in one way or another, by ethnicity, race, color, creed, eating habits--no matter what--- is part of the normal human condition(155).”
Anti-Semitism is a different form of hatred or dislike; it’s one of two things:“Jews are judged by a standard different from that applied to other (Lewis 157).”
It all started between the Jewish and the Christians
Even though the Jews and Jewish religion played an enormous part in the making and building of Christianity. The Christians still found it that the Jews were “evil” and were out to get them. When in reality it was all in the Christian's head. Christianity started as a movement within Judaism (Lewis 159). It’s said that all the hatred from the Christians started because they dreaded the...

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