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How Will 3 D Printing Change The World?

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reason for this is because sellers basically have an infinite amount of inventory and the product is produced on demand, meaning that the seller doesn't need a warehouse for pre-made products.
One news headline I remember seeing a while ago was “3D printing may put global supply chains out of business”. So what does this mean for scarcity? One of the core tenants of our economy and money industries. 3D printing virtually gives sellers and consumers unlimited resources and materials. For an example, a person can put a file he/she made online for sale. If they don’t sell a single
one, there is nothing gained or lost. Now if the sell 10,00, they now have a passive income and this mentality ...view middle of the document...

Some examples of commonly printed items that are protected by copyrights are sculptures, figurines and most artistic pieces. But there are also 3D
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printable objects that are actually usefully and could be protected by patents. These objects are easily obtained through online resources. But since 3D printing technology is so new, there haven't been a lot of lawsuits or court cases that have to do with 3D printing unauthorized copies of objects.
Even though certain objects are protected by copyrights and patents, people still print them using 3D printers. Other people will take a protected object and make it better or build off of it and make it better. No one can stop them from doing this. Many people are hoping that inventors and designers don’t do what many music artists did a while back when illegal copies of music were being downloaded. Those music artists tried to find everyone who downloaded their music illegally and sued them. This practice did not work out too well. People like myself are hoping that the 3D printing industry will see what the music industry did and capture the potency of the problem and change things for the better. This is a difficult thing to do, but it seems this technology industry has no other choice.
3D printing however is going to have a huge impact on everyone sooner or later, designer or
not. What we have right now with 3D printing is just the start and is bound to expand exponentially. Technology is already moving very rapidly and a new question is, are we ready for what’s in the near future? People today already use this technology for a variety of activities. Most of those people are engineers and hobbyists and researchers already know 3D printing is going to affect much more than hobbyists. 3D printing is aimed at manufacturers, inventors, medical scientists, architects and much more. In the manufacturing field, 3D printers help manufacturers create prototypes of parts they design. They won’t have to waste time and money making a final product and finding out it doesn't work.
Even automotive and aerospace companies use 3D printing. Automotive companies use 3D printing to make a number of parts for their products. Aerospace companies use this technology to
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improve performance on their aircrafts and reduce fuel cost. NASA has been using 3D printing technology for a number of years. They use 3D printers to create small structures for their launching system and used about 70 different custom 3D printer parts on the Mars Rover. NASA is also working on getting 3D printers to work in the International Space Station so that astronauts can make parts on demand.
The medical science field is also expected to benefit a lot. Doctors and scientists have already used 3D printers to create custom exoskeletons for patients who have certain disabilities. Since some 3D printers are able to print at such a small scale, scientists are working on printing pharmaceutical drugs like ibuprofen. To do this,...

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