How Will College Change My Life

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“How will college change my life?”
Colleges are institutions of higher learning; I would go to college simply to make more money. College could be described as a rite of passage, where future working men and women step out from sheltered childhood lives into an independent place of learning. It is different from the original schooling most children receive as there is a more in-depth workload that requires more studying. College will change my life as I am open to many fields of study, expanding my mind and giving a glimpse of what to expect when I step out into the working world. Flexibility with learning and providing me with the option to choose what interests me, being treated as an adult by taking responsibility for one’s own actions and making your own decisions is all part of the college experience.
Going into college is a transition for many students, some are excited yet terrified, and others are dreading stepping into the intimidating college halls. Many enter dumbfounded as they now have to decide what to do and where to begin. Most people realize they cannot depend on professors or parents but to mature and make own choices on what career path to follow. A path towards any goal in life begins with a single step which is selecting appropriate classes. High school was sheltering in the matter that your classes were decided for you but now decide when to take classes and at what time. Academic advisors will give helpful suggestions in meeting graduation requirements for the degree of my choice but ultimately it comes down on what I am willing to do. College would be a life changing opportunity for me as I decide and know when I learn best.
School life is not purely academics where one is submerged within the walls of reading, writing, and arithmetic but also communication among fellow human beings, college is no...

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