How Do You Feel About Your Peers? Walter W. Hudson’s Survey, "Index Of Peer Relation"

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Award winning cinematographer, Conrad Hall, once said, “My peers say I have made a difference. That means more to me than winning an Oscar”. His peers were obviously very important to him. Some people do not have peers that are important to them. For instance, musician Robert Wyatt said, “On the whole, I tend not to listen to my peers”. The objective of Walter W. Hudson’s survey, Index of Peer Relation, is to determine the way people feel about their peer group.
The survey consists of 25 statements that are replied to by placing a number by the statement. The numbers range from one to five, with each number having a meaning. A one means rarely or none of the time. A two is a little of the time. A three means some of the time. A four translates to a good part of the time and a five is most or all of the time. The statements range from “I get along very well with my peers” to “I wish I had a different peer group”. In order for people to score the survey they need to start by transferring their numbers into one of two column, A and B. All answers in column A equal the numerical value of the answer. All answers in column B have a reverse numerical value of the answer. For example, in column B a one would be worth five points and a two would be worth four points. In order to find the total score they have to add the total points from column A and the total points from column B. Then they have to subtract 25 points from that sum, and that will give them the total score of the survey. Then they have to see which category they scored into. There is the Below Average Scorers (0-30) and the Above Average Scorers (31-100).
If people score low on this survey, that signifies a high level of satisfaction with their present peer group. If they scored as a “below average scorer,” that means they are comfortable with their peer group and consider their peer group to be a...

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