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How Women Are Transforming The Practice Of Leadership

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Enlightened Power: How Women are Transforming the Practice of Leadership
By Helen Fisher
An Author Critique
Harbinder Khangura
LDRS 301A Lifelong Learning
Sarah Bobell

The Natural Leadership Talents of Women
The foreground of leadership is an individual’s enhanced capacity to direct others into a path that they are supposed to tread upon. However, such power is not immediately incurred by a person. The idea of developing leadership skills from a very young age is somewhat vague in its own form. Though, there is the existence of instinct. The way humans think and the way the physical, mental and emotional attributes humans develop through time affects the way they act upon others; which eventually affects their instinct. When it comes to developing leadership instinct, Helen Fisher intends to show how women have a naturally-based personal development that leads them into growing up with talents for leadership. In her article entitled The Natural Leadership Talents of Women, she points out how scientific evidence supports such idea and how this information could actually help organizations today when it comes to designating women leaders in their teams.
Analysis of Information
Fisher tries to argue the men and women were expected to do different tasks based on their physical, emotional and mental capacities. Men, being more physical, were specifically expected to stretch their muscles and work hard for the family’s food source, while the women were expected to take care of the house and direct the children as they grow up. In a way, as women take care of the family and support the family the women are specifically expected to take on management responsibilities at a higher rate compared to what the men are supposed to do in the field.
As the modern time takes over, the culture of men and women having a certain place in the society, taking on particular tasks have become less important. The identification of gender and how it should define what one could and should do has changed through time. In this day and age, Fisher tries to prove that through evidence, it could be seen how women handle challenges with better ease compared to men. Multi-tasking is one of the most important talents that women have that makes them fit enough to take leadership...

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