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How Working From Home Has Saved Me From Being A Bum

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Being an employee for many years, I was no exemption from the rest who felt burnout and frustrations at work. Be it poor management, friction with the boss, office politics, working overtime with no pay, etc. just to name a few, I have all encountered them. And how can I forget doing the tasks that were really beyond my scope of work, but since I agreed to “perform other duties as assigned”, do I have the right to complain?

With the skills that I have acquired through the years of working, transferring from one office to another has never been an issue. Though I have been regularized in all the companies that I worked with, I can’t consider anything as an enough compensation for all my hard work. Apart from my friends that I would miss, there was nothing else that would make me regret once I leave the company. I was never happy and didn’t see growth in my career. At the end of the day, I can only call myself simply a job hopper but not an achiever.

When I decided to quit my last 8-5 job in the first quarter of 2013 due to some contract violation, I gave up on the idea of applying for a new job. I was no longer willing to undergo the hiring process over and over again to a company who only cares for its earnings and not for its employee’s welfare. But if I won’t find another employer, what shall I do? I didn’t have many options. Even starting a small business was way too impossible since I didn’t have savings. I left my regular job without any backup plans but I didn’t care. All I wanted at that time was to resign, period!

That’s when I decided to revive the idea of working from home, which I was considering to do back in 2010. There were many discouragements at first due to notorious scams in online jobs but I didn’t stop. I spent days of research to really find legitimate sites where I could earn a decent income. Until I landed into the websites of remote workers such as Odesk and Elance. My first step was to register and read reviews from contractors. That’s when I was finally convinced to complete my profile and started applying for projects. It was not easy at first. Just finding a...

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