How World Poverty Is Changing The Human Race

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Poverty is an epidemic which has created a huge dent to human race. More than 50% of the world population lives on less than $2.50 a day. People can’t provide even one proper meal to their children. The income differentials are widening across the globe. What are we doing to reduce this widening? What are we doing to eliminate this menace of poverty? Why can’t we produce enough food for everyone? Why can’t everyone have a proper shelter? Is it the greed in us, the cause for it? Why can’t we help each other and work together to eradicate poverty? Poverty is a menace to humanity. The causes are innumerable. Currently, there are no real solutions.
Poverty is a major Global Issue. Deaths and medical conditions due to poverty are much higher and more deadly than severe diseases such as AIDS, Malaria, and tuberculosis combined. One major condition is hunger. 146 million children are underweight. Unfortunately, many of these children are born underweight into a family that cannot afford food. Also, many women are hungry and this causes children to be born unhealthy. Many women also die of weakness and iron deficiency after childbirth. Many people in the world are malnourished. This causes very severe life-long conditions. There are various reasons for poverty in a country. These reasons vary from country to country and in some cases state to state within a country. In the South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, the lack of natural resources, law and order, illiteracy, over population, corruption, etc. are some of the reasons for poverty. Infectious diseases continue to blight the lives of the poor across the world. Water problems affect half of humanity. In the developed nations, illiteracy, lack of determination to work, social structure, etc. are some of the reasons for the poverty. Though there are social benefits from the governments of developed nations, there are still a great percentage of people live at or below poverty.
The facts related to poverty are staggering. Poverty impacts every nation. The rate of poverty is significantly higher in the developing and under developed countries whereas the rates are low in western and developed countries. Literacy, Natural resources, climate, government systems, laws, regulations, culture, greed and many other reasons cause poverty. More than half the...

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