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How Would A Teenage Pregnancy Affect My Future?

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One million teenage girls each year end up pregnant. Teenage pregnancy is an easily preventable problem in the U.S. that is slowly going down each year, but the rates are still the highest in the industrialized world by a long shot. Even worse, most of these girls who become pregnant will be left to raise this child on their own, or go through the emotional pain of putting the child up for adoption. Almost every teenage mother will have multiple problems after having their child, whether it be emotional problems, financial problems, or problems with relationships with friends and family. A big impact on a lot of girls would probably be with their friends, as friends are a big part of most ...view middle of the document...

There is no way I can afford a child, as my immediate family is already tight on money. I enjoy helping my aunt at her resale shop, but I never ask for any money. If I have a child, I would have to work for pay. The problem is, the shop is usually covered all the time. Even if I were to work there everyday it’s open for the entire day, I would still need another job to work, as I doubt it would be enough to support a child. Plus, there’s school to think about.
It would be impossible to go to school and support/raise a child. While it is possible to have a family member watch over the baby or put it in a daycare, I would likely be exhausted, making it harder to focus. Babysitters and daycares also cost money, and family members could be busy. Plus, if I were to be supporting this child on my own, I would have to worry about getting some form of income, so I would have to drop out of school. This, leads me onto a seriously important topic.
While some parents choose to provide their children with money to raise a child if they become a teen parent, it isn’t their responsibility. If I were to become a teen mom, I wouldn’t think that my mom should pay for the baby’s necessities. It wouldn't be her fault, it would be mine. The parents of a teen parent shouldn’t pay for their children’s recklessness, as they usually can’t stop their children for engaging in...

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