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According to the authors’ Howard Crumpton and Anne Gregory, there is a significant correlation with high school students entering high school with a propensity for low achievement in school, to leave high school as a low achieving student. When considering this ongoing pattern of low achieving students being predisposed to low school success, academic factors need to be targeted in order to reverse this pattern. The authors acknowledge that identifying causes for low achievement was critical to predicting outcomes for ninth and tenth grade students on the lower end of the proficiency spectrum in reading. The one constant identified in this study were low achieving students who showed little or no growth during their high school career. The data analysis included a Pearson r correlation and multiple regression methods. The sample for the study included 44 low achieving students enrolled in high school. Both authors advocated that regardless of the likelihood, it is quite possible to alter academic trajectory positively.
Students in the study were part of a cohort categorized as below proficient students, who were identified from their performances on two high-stakes exams. 50% of the students were male and 50% of the students were female. 68% of the students were identified as black, 21% as white, 2% as Latino, and 95 reported as other. Evidence of low academic performance was identified and collected from their 8th and 9th grade (GPA), that fell between 2.19 and 1.81 on a 4-point scale.
The independent variables for this study were student race and gender. It is important to note that due to limited numbers of non-black students, black students were coded = 1 and all others were coded = 0. The independent measures assess students’ perceptions related to academic relevancy; a 4-point likert scale was utilized rating statements such as: It’s easy to see why what we are learning really matters” and “What I will learn will probably help me in the future.” On the likert scale 1 = (very true) and ranged to 4 = (not at all true). The scale had a Cronbach’s alpha of .86 and considered internally reliable. The dependent predictor was academic success and was measured by examining the yearly student’s grade point average (GPA), which was collected at the conclusion of the student’s first and second year in high school.
Analyzing the Results
When examining multiple regression the overall results from the study revealed that no matter what the student...

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