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External and Internal Factors of Hewlett Packard's Management.In our research of Hewlett Packard, we have discovered that internal and external factors played a significant role in the management planning process. The corporate strategies of the company, which are well defined, are a driving force behind the company's success. The company's mission statement, which includes its vision for the future, environmental goals, and its culture, is the main fact that separates Hewlett Packard from the competition.This paper will explain the external and internal factors considered by HP during their planning process through the following scenarios: e-business, innovation and diversity.Through efforts of Digital Villages, e-government, and e-inclusion, HP is determined to invent new solutions that will increase their revenues while promoting healthy economic development for the communities where they do business. Forming partnerships with local governments, NGO's, corporations, funding agencies and ministerial contacts that support and publicize those solutions promotes sales.One project of e-inclusion is the Dikahotole Digital Village, South Africa. Dikahotole is a community just outside of Johannesburg. Plagued with severe unemployment rates, add in the mix of no running water, electricity or basic housing, HP saw a chance for hope.The project is to provide community members with a computer, Internet access, and business skills to improve the community members' chance of gaining employment. Training in business skills is through the Internet via the computer. There are 90 workstations, all connected to the Internet. The goal for this program is to improve the living standards of community members. By addressing the need to train teachers with essential computer skills, who in-turn will train children in basic computer use; HP has proven itself as a global citizen.By addressing the needs of residents of Dikahatole, HP has shown that external factors are always a constant for the survival and well-being of a business. HP considers external factors when planning to expand operations to foreign countries. Taking their business to an international and global market has given HP the chance to show they are interested not only in their own organizational well-being but also in the well-being of the communities they operate within (Hewlett-Packard Company, 2003).What is diversity?Diversity refers to various backgrounds and characteristics found in all aspect of human similarities and differences. Discriminatory practices and difference in inequitable treatment have often resulted in various preconceived notions. Through supporting diversity, HP in reality is compelled to focus considerable attention to addressing the issues related historical groups and individuals that were excluded from society's mainstream.One of the many examples of Hewlett Packard's abundance of generosity and diversity is the fact that the company interacts with not only the professional...

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