Hp Market Analysis For Marketing Management Scmhrd Audit Report

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MBA – I, Operations
Roll no- 40316
Section – D
Marketing Management Audit Report Submission
HP Laptops
Hewlett-Packard Company is busy in providing latest and unique technology of computer hardware, which is great addition in IT and technology. The products of this company are durable and they have the sturdy shapes, which are excellent for the home users, government institutions, and large corporate sector and for the students. This company is providing its hardware products to its clients being working in public sector division, small and medium size entrepreneurs and home makers, who want to maintain the daily work.
Audit Background
HP is one of the three leading laptop brands in the Indian market. The laptop market targets a variety of groups: students, who are especially concerned with prices; gadget-geeks and techies, who are looking for the most advanced systems; design aficionados, who are primarily seeking a sophisticated computer that looks good; and also the people who don’t get emotionally involved in this category and only view the computer as a work and entertainment tool. However, what all these groups have in common is the tendency to share information and opinions online. The conversation about laptops is mainly dominated by requests for advice and brand comparisons, and many people consult expert forums for recommendations.
Audit Challenge
In order to better understand the laptop market and identify consumer perceptions of leading brands, a research study based on its T/Brand methodology, which assesses the brand and its environment, is done which includes its Talkability Index. This model examined the volume of conversation about each brand during the second quarter of 2010, together with the opinions expressed. The combination of these parameters brought to light the perceived strength of HP, while also identifying the relative benefits of its competitors. In addition, analysis of the conversations and their participants contributed important information about each brand's target audience.
Audit Findings
Analysis of the data revealed a relatively complex picture. During the three-month investigation period, the volume of conversations about HP totaled approximately 1,100, with approximately 68% positive sentiment. The conversation index of the HP brand, however, was lower than that of Dell, which topped it in both conversation volume and the rate of positive sentiment.
The situation of a newer brand, Lenovo, was interesting: although it suffered from significantly lower conversation volume in comparison to its two competitors, the positive sentiment about it ranked higher.
Audit Insights
Analysis of HP conversation online revealed that those talking about the brand fell into three groups: typical households, advanced online gamers (primarily young people), and users with a deeper technological understanding who were mainly focused on technical performance.
Among the positive factors revealed in conversation about...

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