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Hewlett PackardExecutive summaryHewlett-Packard operates in the information technology industry offering diverse products, ranging from small personal electronic devices for individual consumers, to small and medium business technologies, all the way up to supercomputer installations (HP, 2011b). HP is well placed within the industry itself, with revenue totalling $126 billion during the year ending Oct 31 2010 (Datamonitor, 2011 p4); it is also a market leader in PC shipments and the global printers market.HP has been facing changing economic conditions due to the nature of the global economy and has had changing revenues due to events such as the GFC. HP is also dealing with changing technologies such as the emergence of the tablet pc market which HP has been struggling to respond to and the emerging cloud computer market.HP is also dealing with a change in CEO from Leo Apotheker to Meg Whitman which meant a change to Apotheker's strategy of leaving the PC business that HP is market leader of to focus on emerging cloud computing and the B2B market. This announcement has damaged the brand and share price, Whitman is due to deal with reversing this strategy and position HP for the future.PESTEL AnalysisPolitical trendsMany countries have different taxes that effect businesses like HP, such as the GST in Australia or the VAT tax in EU nations, this effects the prices of HP products charged to customers. Secondly politicians sometimes change business tax rates which affect the profits of HP at the end of the year.Economic trendsHP is not immune from the effects of the global economy, when the economy slows so does consumer spending meaning that as HP provides consumer products demand will be less as a result.Hp's PC sales are shown below from 2005 to present. What can be seen is that although PC sales are growing and have gone from what was a 26.7 billion dollar business in 2005 to a now 40.7 billion, is that during the economic downturn in 2008 sales went from a high of 42.3 billion dollars to 35.3 billion dollars. This directly reflects the downturn in the global economy and the recovery post GFC. (Gigaom 2011)Social/cultural trendsIn society there has been has been a shift in reason for buying computers from companies like HP. Where before a laptop was considered a luxury product; for many people including students it has become a necessity, this impacts the reasons why people will be interested in HP products. Interestingly the new product category of tablet computers such as the fabled HP touchpad or the more successful ipad is considered the luxury product for consumers (Pew research 2006). According the CEO Leo Apotheker "competitor's tablets are cutting into sales and consumers are changing how they compute" (Tracer 2011).Technological trendsTablet computing is emerging a potential substitute product for pc's and laptops of which HP is the market leader. Hp attempted to enter the tablet market in 2011 with its HP touchpad, but this was a...

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7009 words - 28 pages of supplier's facilitiesDeveloped requirements for supplier performance reporting and corrective actions for nonconformanceExpanded performance results of supply chain SER conformance in HP's annual Global Citizenship Report" (HP, 2007)HP's commitment "is to achieve sustained improvement by building our suppliers' social and environmental capability" (HP, 2007). HP "began training suppliers to increase their understanding of how raising their

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