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Hpv Vaccination Essay

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According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, 80% of people in America are infected by the Human Papillomavirus, also known as HPV, at some point in their lifetime. That would be as though, 25 out of the 30 students in this classroom have or have had this sexually transmitted disease. Only one group of desks in this class would be safe from its harmful effects. This is an incredibly common, and potentially deadly, virus, which is why we should mandate the HPV vaccine, Gardasil, for all teenage girls entering middle school.
For instance, one of the greatest concerns regarding the mandatory vaccination of Gardasil to young girls is whether or not the risks outweigh the benefits. However, when you look at the statistics regarding HPV and cervical cancer, the answer is usually very clear. According to ABC News, out of the 25 million doses of Gardasil that were administered by 2009, only 0.05% of those doses proved to have any sort of side effect. And take into account the fact that only 4.26% of the already low 0.05%, proved to be serious in any way. The rest of these side effects were symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, or redness at the injection side. While the supposed risk of this vaccine is questionable, the risk of the virus is not questionable. 3 out of 4 cases of cervical cancer cases are all a result of HPV and according to the National Cancer Institute, about 11,000 women are diagnosed each year in the United States with cervical cancer and about 3,700 of those women will die of it. Why not take the opportunity to prevent and stop these unnecessary deaths? The HPV vaccine prevents 70% of cervical cancer vaccines from developing and is considered 100% effective in protecting against these forms of cervical cancer. What seems more rational to you? Protecting women against 70% of cervical cancers, or protecting them against the 0.05% chance of any kind of side effect, negligible or lethal, produced by the vaccine?
However, shouldn’t it be a woman’s choice if they choose the 70% of cervical cancers or the 0.05% risk? However, the bottom line is that their choice to be vaccinated could save everyone. It’s a simple concept; herd immunity. When everyone is vaccinated, the vaccine is far more effective. One example of herd immunity is polio. Nowadays, polio is not a real threat to the people of the United States because essentially, we are all immune. However, during the 1960’s, this was definitely not the case. Eventually as a vaccine for polio was developed, the virus became far less prevalent because people were being vaccinated. But, do you think that every single person in the United...

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