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Hr Challenges: A Book Review

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HR Challenge
Dynamics of Value Creation and Competitiveness Through People, edited by Sudatta Ranasinghe and Ajantha Dharmasiri, June 2013. 345 pages. Hard cover. Institute of Personnel Management (IPM), Sri Lanka.

Reviewed by: Apu Akbar, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada

In chapter one, entitled “HR Challenges in a Developing Economy: Towards Multiple roles of HR Professionals in a Competitive Business Environment,” the author, Sudatta Ranashinghe, though primarily emphasizes the challenges of hiring and retention of workforces in different industries in Sri Lanka, but describes the problems covering a very wide spectrum of socio-economic, political, cultural, and job related issues as causes behind such challenges for HR professionals. Seven cases covering different industries were discussed in order to highlight the problems related to hiring and retaining of workforces that Sri Lankan Business entities are, at present, facing, and to address these problems, the author suggests the necessity of multiple roles of HR professionals. However, the author refers a model, “HR Value Creating Cycle” (p.12) and mentions a number of roles (p.35) that HR professionals should adopt. At the end, the author proposes a “system approach” (p. 36) for developing generic skills necessary in a competitive business environment, which is quite innovative. However, the content of this article is based on real life experiences and will, therefore, contribute building insights to HR professionals in Sri Lanka and in countries having similar socio-cultural, political, and economic background.

The article published in chapter two as entitled “Human Resource Development in Organizations: A Review of Current Practices in Sri Lanka” written by Vathsala M. Wickramasinghe, depicts a vivid discussion on the current practices of formal and informal development of human resources in organizational contexts in Sri Lanka. The author mentions that employee’s development through experiences, in general, is taken granted and as a result, there remains a gap between potential and actual strengths. The author proposes that employee’s development is an outcome of systematic...

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