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Introduction:As Human Resources professional and head director of the HR Department, it is critical of our success and the Human Resources practice as a valuable role in the operational success of this organization. The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) is responsible to providing America's workers, employers, job seekers, and retirees with the regulation that govern the compliance federal employment laws and they have. We must ensure of "compliance" which is an important part of the HR Department's efforts to protect the organizations as well as our employees. It is imperative that must take proactive action in our current US operations and overseas.It's imperative that all Human Resource Site Managers are fully in compliance and have a vast understanding of the new federal and states laws changes as they vary in every state. The HR department is an importance part of the organization, it is also the department that is hit the hardest during merger/acquisition and downsizing. Successful organizations viewed this department as an integral part of the organization and necessary to the company's growth.Executive Summary:There are several laws changes in congress to take effect in 2009; therefore, we must act proactively to be prepared to deal with such. Some laws included EEO, human trafficking, immigration protections, the minimum wage, prevailing wages, time off, wages paid, and worker privacy, just to mention a few. Some States in which we operate has adopted the laws and are formulating their own local HR laws as well.Synopsis: Trends:In today's market, an organization must keep up with trends by promoting change in order to maintain a competitive edge. A trend is defined as the general direction in which something tends to move. Trends can be thought of in different lengths, such as, short, intermediate and long-term. Organizations realized that if HRM managed human assets well, their actions would be the source of sustained competitive advantage, contributing to achieving the organization's goals of high quality, profits, and customer retention. The concept, strategic management or strategic HR emerged. The new, larger role included analyzing and creating a profile for each job and hiring people to fit the profile giving the new employees an orientation that infuses them with the organizational culture.State Laws approach and strategies:As States laws changes in order to meet the minimum mandated federal standards, so our operations in each state respectively:The State of California:EEO: California now requires that all contractors and subcontractors engaged in construction provide equal opportunity for employment, without discrimination, under an expanded list of factors. "The EEOC, however, has adopted an expanded definition of the term "employee" that will bring many workers traditionally thought of as "contingent workers" under the coverage of federal anti-discrimination laws. Under the EEOC's definition, a worker is an employee if the...

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