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Running head: HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENTHuman Resource ManagementDon CarterGrand Canyon UniversityHuman Resource ManagementIntroduction: This essay will be defining human resource management is and its function. The purpose of human resource management is to deal with people and the employer-employee relationship. It attempts to incorporate the human resource function into the strategic function of an organization. Besides defining human resource management I will look at Sodexo Inc and analyze how this is being applied in the company.The history of the development of human resource management can be traced back to the early 1900's. At that time the function of the human resource manager was to manage the relationships between labor unions and businesses. Some companies such as B.F. Goodrich and National Cash Register were among the pioneers in organizing and operating an employee relations department. This department was generally for addressing employee concerns. This department also handled employee grievances, record keeping, wage management and other employee related functions. This was part of the movement from worker efficiency to efficiency through workers satisfaction. (Khilawala) Although human resource management began as a necessary evil for businesses to deal with labor unions currently human resource managers are a vital part of any organization that has employees.Much has changed since the early 1900's. Today's Human resource management focuses on securing, maintaining and utilizing an effective work force. Part of keeping an effective work force is to understand and act on their concerns, this helps create an atmosphere that is much more efficient. Without this an organization cannot be very successful for a long period of time. Human resource management involves a wide variety of activities, these include talent acquisition, the screening of prospective employees, the development of employee training programs, forecasting future workforce needs, the developing of employee compensation packages and a thorough understanding of the local and federal laws which apply to any of these tasks.Sodexo Inc. is an international services company. It is the largest service company operating in the United States. The North America division has almost three hundred thousand employees. With a workforce this large it is essential to have a comprehensive human resource department. The most important task the department has is talent acquisition. This begins with a full understanding of what the company needs in each available position. A very detailed job description is made of every position within the company. These job descriptions will change from time to time based on actual performance evaluations and the needs of the clients. The first step in this process is the screening of the potential applicants. The initial...

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