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Human Resources Management (Hrm) And Industrial Relations

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Executive SummaryEmployment Relations encompasses the varied methods and processes of people management, including human resources management (HRM) and industrial relations. The Employment Relations field includes rules, attitudes, customs, practices, policies and behavior in and around the employment relationship. The main 'actors' in the field are employees and the organizations, employers and their associations, and the state and its institutions involved in employment issues. (Adapted from Bamber, G., Park, F., Lee, C., Ross, P. and Broadbent, K., 2000, "Employment Relations in the Asia Pacific: Changing Approaches", 1st Edition, Thomson Learning (Australia)The purpose of this assignment is to analyze the roles of tripartite in Malaysia. In this assignment, it mainly focuses on the types of roles played by the government, unions and management. In government, it will focus on the 3 major roles, which are legislator, administrator and participant. In trade unions, it will emphasize on the Malaysian Employment Federation and also the rules of strikes. While in management, it will focus on the type of management theories, managerial styles and also the roles of Malaysian Employment Federation and National Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia roles played in the management in Malaysia industrial relations.Table of ContentPage1. Introduction of Malaysia Industrial Relations 12. Collective Bargaining 23. The Role of Government in Malaysia Industrial Relations 33.1 Legislator 3 - 43.2 Administrator 43.3 Participant 54. The Role of Union in Malaysia Industrial Relations 5 - 75. The Role of Management in Malaysia Industrial Relations 7 - 86. Conclusion 97. References8. Websites9. Journals10. Appendix1. Introduction of Malaysia Industrial RelationsMalaysia was a colony of Britain and as such as a parliamentary democracy modeled after the British system. The presence of three main ethnic groups (See appendix Figure 1) has been the cause of ethnic tension and Malaysia has developed a number of social and economic policies to ensure the continued prosperity and power for the indigenous Malay people (Sharma 1996). In Malaysia, Industrial Relations is the preserve of the Federal Government and not of the State Government, as stipulated by the Malaysian Constitution.Malaysia has a tripartite of system Industrial Relations. At the national level, the Federal Government is empowered to make decisions on policies and legislation with advice from trade unions and employers. For instance, the National Labour Advisory Council is a forum to ensure the Federal Government receives input and feedback concerning both the employers and employee's viewpoints. Tripartism also extends to a number of other bodies such as the Wage Council, the Industrial Court, Employer's Provident Fund, the Social Security Organization and the National Productivity Council. The Federal Government is responsible for the legislation and administration and participation of Industrial...

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