Human Resources Management Selection And Recruitment Plan

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Step 1: Identification of a Vacancy3Step 2: Review the need for the position and to fill the vacancy3Step 3: Determine the most effective recruitment strategy4Step 4: Prepare a Request to Recruit form4Step 5: Establish Selection Panel & determine selection methodology4Step 6: Receive and collate applications5Step 7: Commence selection by reviewing applications and determine a shortlist of candidates5Step 8: Assess short listed candidates5Step 9: Recommend Outcome6Step 10: Verbal offer of employment to preferred candidate and discuss employment terms and conditions6Step 11: Make written offer of employment to candidate6Step 12: Advise unsuccessful candidates7Step 13: Arrange appointment and commence induction process7Step 1: Identification of a VacancyThe front office manager of Crowne Plaza Canberra has identified a vacancy for a new team member in reception. The position is for a receptionist as one of the full time staff members has handed in their resignation.Step 2: Review the need for the position and to fill the vacancyAs the position is a full time position it is important that it is filled. The hotel relies on receptionists for guest check ins and check outs and also the basic running of the hotel. The Crowne plaza has 295 rooms, so it is important there is staff available as the hotel is constantly busy. The hotel relies on 4 fulltime and 4 casual receptionists.The need for the new full time receptionist is high and as front office manager, the budget needs to be reviewed before hiring a new staff member. If staffing costs are too close to the budget a part-time or casual may be required or if the staffing costs are well under budget the full time position can be filled.The current requirement for the position is needed and will be needed in the future as there may be long term staff members taking holidays, staff retiring or unexpected staff changes. The hotel has a relatively high occupancy rate year round, this is good for the business as the higher the occupancy, the higher the revenue and there is a higher budget for staffing. This makes the hotel capable of top service with the optimum amount of staff at reception.Step 3: Determine the most effective recruitment strategyThe front office manager will work together with the HR department to devise the best way of attracting the appropriate people for the position. Methods used to advertise and attract candidates include:Internal advertising - advertising on the staff board and within the HR department. The position will be open to internal staff members wishing to be promoted or change departmentsRecruitment agency - the position will be advertised with recruitment agencies such as Red Hot Recruitment, etc.Internet - a job position advertisement will be put on job websites such as and This makes the position open to most of the population and one of the most effective ways of advertising and attracting candidatesStep 4: Prepare a Request to...

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4967 words - 20 pages (Marterel2005). This statement supports the argument that recruitment and selection is the main activity within human resources. Recruitment and selection are a set of activities and processes that are used to select qualified individuals for open vacancies within an organisation. Recruitment is the process of attracting individuals for vacant posts; the selection process measures these individuals and finds the best candidates to fulfil the job

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2326 words - 9 pages which qualified candidates for job vacancies within an organisation can be selected.' (Stone 2008, 197) There are two methods in which a Human Resource Manager can recruit people. These are namely the Internal recruitment method in which computerised record system and Job posting will be discussed and the external recruitment method in which international recruitment, Advertising and employee referrals will be discussed.2.1Internal Recruitment

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1302 words - 5 pages advert Southgate College wrote the main parts about the job and not in too much detail. This is because of costs plus if the reader likes the sound of the job they will be able to call up and find out more about the College and the job post. In this section I will be doing an exploration of one Human Resources function. The function that I have chosen is recruitment. The first thing that we have to understand is how the key documents

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