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Analysis of LMB hotel in HR metrics perspectivesIntroductionThe raising importance of human resource in organizational operation has increased the needs for contemporary HR to become a strategic partner as finance and marketing do (Lawler III, Levenson and Boudreau, 2003). Therefore, rather than just understand and introduce HR activities and practices, it is more vital for organization to test all aspects of them (in efficiency, effectiveness and impacts). Regarding to the LMB case, if LMB want to go through this difficult period, rather than only adopt HR practices, they should also conduct a comprehensive HR metrics system to facilitate the performance evaluation. This essay will firstly ...view middle of the document...

Regarding to the impact of HR, metrics of this types assess whether HR programs help to develop or optimize organization's abilities to gain and sustain competitive advantages (Jamrog al et, 2004). Commonly used approaches of conducting HR metrics such as benchmarking, evaluating organizational climate and evaluation HR outcomes are usually dominated by the efficiency metrics and neglect other two types (Bratton and Gold, 2007). HR scorecard, a recent developed approach, is said to ease that and play an increasingly essential role in assessing HRM of organizations (Stone, 2014).It is reported that evaluation of HRM are generating an increasingly important role in contemporary organizations. As Bratton and Gold (2007) argued, the changing business demand and trends contribute to developing the role of HRM. The current HR department has switched its concern from the cost of employees to the yields of employees (Bratton and Gold, 2007). Moreover, as the core idea of contemporary strategic HRM suggested, organizations should align its human resource with business strategy (Stone, 2014). The evaluation of HRM help to articulate how HR practices are linked to and driven by the overall strategic objective of the company. Thus, by conducting comprehensive series of HR metrics, HR manager are able to manage their strategic responsibilities in accomplishing organizational objectives effectively. Moreover, the legitimacy of the HR function is relatively low in both employee and management perspectives. According to Broek (2014), although three quarters of Australian employees understand the function of HR, most of them do not regard HR departments as effective. Stone (2014) also pointed out that many line mangers and some top managers perceived many HR activities, such as training and development practices, as luxuries that could be removed during tough financial period. Hence, HR managers have a desperate need to justify for HR function and to prove the worth of its policies and programs, so that investment and supports will be devoted (Jamrog, et al, 2004). HR metrics therefore are regarded as efficient and effective methods, as they allow manager to present and back up the HR issues, needs or ideas in the language of business (e.g. using data to quantify the cost effective of programs) (Bratton and Gold, 2007). In addition to the needs for justification, the evaluation of HRM through collected HR metrics can facilitate overall HR planning and control and provide rigorous feedback to support continuous improvements of HR initiatives, as HR managers are provided with valid and reliable methods that indicate the result or outcomes of implementation (Stone, 2014). Finally, Lawler and Mohrman (2003) pointed out that evaluating HRM via proper types of HR metrics is identified as one of best practices in high performance organizations.Analyze the problem of LMB hotelRegarding to Le Moulin Blanc (LMB) hotel, since acknowledge of HR function is low, there is no...

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