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Hr Planning Essay

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Introduction and Where We Are Now
General Mills, Inc (GMI). produces and markets branded consumer foods globally. They also supply branded and unbranded food products to the foodservice and commercial banking industries. It offers ready-to-eat cereals, refrigerated yogurt, ready-to-serve soups, dry dinners, shelf stable and frozen vegetables, refrigerated and frozen dough products, dessert and baking mixes, frozen pizza and pizza snacks, grains, and fruit and savory snacks; a range of organic products, including soups, granola bars, and cereals; and ice cream and frozen desserts, and grain snacks. According to General Mills Inc. the company retails its products through direct sales ...view middle of the document...

The Mission statement of GMI is “Nourishing lives” ( HRD is responsible for developing and implementing strategies and programs that will help the company support an increasingly innovative, flexible, and diverse organization. It is through the strategic planning of Human Resources that General Mills has a competitive advantage. The mission for statement for the HRD department to strive by would be “nourishing people”. Everyone from the top level to the housekeeper, General Mills is dedicated to taking care of people. For the HRD to be valued by top executive and its employees, HRD must provide an effective administration of the personnel function but, just as important, they must become a partner in enhancing strategy execution, generating commitment and productivity from employees, creating solutions to human resource problems that prevents the company from reaching its full potential, and ensuring the organization’s capacity for change.
General Mills International (GMI) has a mission to nourish lives, by making them healthier, easier and richer, that the company’s mission. This is backed by their strong cord values in everything they do. This includes doing the right thing all the time, building their great brands, consistently striving for superior performance, innovation at every aspect of the business, as well as respecting, developing, and investing in employees (
To achieve this vision, the units must join forces in delivering human resource services and meeting the needs of a diverse business community. They must espouse an internal consultative role and provide leadership support for practices and standards which motivate employees and result in effective use of human, financial, technical and physical resources. The units must place a high value on professionalism, teamwork, integrity, and cooperation while recognizing the importance of individual contributions. Finally, HRD must be proactive in furthering the corporate culture that embraces diversity.
In considering these key operational plans, the following business strategy assumptions were made:
1. Mission to nourish lives-making lives healthier, easier and richer.
2. Making lives healthier with yogurt, soups, vegetables and whole grain breakfasts cereals.
3. Making lives easier with easy to prepare foods- variety of food cooked under 15 mins.
4. Making lives richer with foods that celebrate moments, traditional holiday cooking.
5. Nourishing communities with Box Tops, for education.
6. Nourishing communities by volunteering.
7. Nourishing the future using paperboard to package cereal. Recycled paper.
8. Consistently looking for ways to reduce energy, conserves, and minimize water usage.
9. History of a strong financial background, paying shareholders dividend consecutively.
10. Committed to continuing long-standing culture of ethics.
11. Every employee knows to behave ethically due to code of...

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