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ZB6533: Human Resource ManagementPrepared for: Dr. Mohmad Adnan Bin AliasMBA Semester I 2013/2014Group AssignmentCompensation in Sime Darby Berhad from payroll perspectivePrepared by: Alnisa Min Fadlillah ZP01450Muhammad Nur-A-Alam ZP01760Norhayati Binti Salleh ZP01228Nahid Miri ZP01754Zohreh Bagherizadeh Ashari ZP01782Ashari kamil ZP010761 IntroductionEmployee compensation is define as all form of pay going to employees which arising from their employment and could be in the form of direct financial payments and indirect financial payment (Dessler, 2013, p. 378).There are two basic ways to make direct financial payment to employees based on increments of time or based on performance. This concept of payment method is applied by Sime Darby Berhad. Normally, Non-executive employees mostly consist of Blue-collar, operation workers, and clerical workers are paid based on time-based pay method.Non- Executive workers normally required to work overtime. This is due to cater with the high workload during specific time. For example, normally clerical worker need to work overtime at the end of the year in order to close the account or to finish any unsettled work before they start new task at the beginning of the year. Overtime work is normal in Sime Darby since the workload among Non- Executives workers seem inconsistent throughout the month and year. The workload could be very low at the beginning of the month, but it turn to be so much work to do at the end of the month.For example, compensation team under Human Resource Department will be at ease at the beginning of the month because all of business units will send all compensation instruction or they called "movement" in the middle of the month. Therefore, started from middle of the month on ward compensation processing team will get busy. During this peak hour, some of compensation processors have to stay back until late night in order to catch the dateline based on schedule which is in accordance to compensation processing procedure.This additional working hour perform by this office workers need to be paid in the form of overtime payment beside monthly salary. This is one of example related to increments time-based performance as mentioned earlier.In contrast, sales person especially in Motor Division compensation is paid based on performance. Despite the salary pay to sales person, commission on the volume of cars sales is also taking into account to compensate the sales person in Sime Darby Motors Division. Nature of work between clerical workers and sales person in Sime Darby Motors is almost different. Sales person involve in clerical work is very minimal. The main task of sales person is to sell car as much as possible irregardless of how much time they spend. Some of the sales person has to work in the showroom for more than 8 hours a day and some of them have to come to work on Saturday, but all the additional time they spend in the office will not be counted for their compensation.However,...

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