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Advantages of Managing Turnovers in OrganizationsManaging turnover is one of the most recent human resources trends in today's business environment and many organizations have found that managing their turnover effectively has helped with the organizations bottom line, which has resulted in many different success stories. Human resource departments in all organizations would consider managing turnover a very important aspect or the departments overall goals for the organizations they work for, but what does managing turnover mean? Turnover in any organization is inevitable and the term managing turnover in its simplest form is to deal with the loss of the organization's human capital and in most cases includes minimizing unwanted turnover in the organization.All organizations will deal with turnover and some of this turnover will be the result of decisions by the organization to part ways with an employee. In this instance the role of the human resource department is to manage the dismissal of these employees and to do so while limiting liabilities. This is an important aspect of the human resources departments' role in managing turnover, but this is something that has happened in organizations for a long time and is a role that has not and will not change significantly. The major trend in managing turnover falls in the arena of preventing unwanted turnover for an organization. When an organization loses an employee who decides on his or her own accord to leave will result in the loss of many of the costs they incurred in hiring, training and employing the individual. In today's incredibly competitive business environment organizations cannot afford to lose quality human capital or the resources spent on the employee they are losing. To make matters worse these costs must then be added to the cost of the resources required to hire and train a new employee and all these costs added together becomes very costly for organizations that do not manage turnover effectively. (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhard, and Wright, 2007)When an organization loses an employee to unwanted turnover the losses that are incurred are a result of many different aspects of the turnover. Foremost will be the loss of the individual who has decided to leave the organization. This individual produces in some way or form for the organization and when he or she is gone everything that the individual helps to produce will be lost, along with the expertise he or she has gained in his or her current position. The expertise that the individual has can also be part of a team expertise, and the loss of one part of the team can also slow down or stop production of the whole team as well, depending on the ability for others to step in and takeover for the individual leaving. As...

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HR Trends and Challenges Essay

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