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Hrd Assignment

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As part of Marks and Spencer’s organisational objectives, a group training event will be organised for the members of the team using the following systematic approach:
 Training need analysis to identify whether there is a real need for training. This can be carried out in various ways:
 Interview to get more in depth information and suggestions
 Questionnaires with specific information collected and then analysed
 Observations by assessing skills, attitudes and behaviour under real situations
 Skills and knowledge tests carried out
 Performance data reviews which identifies possible performance gaps.

 The root causes of the poor performance will be revealed which will help to identify the training needs required to bring the team up to the desired performance level (the expected result of training)

 Once the need for training has been identified, a plan will need to be drawn up for the
After the completion of the training needs analysis of Marks and Spencer, it showed that there is a gap in technical skills and in business competencies. Therefore it has been decided training will be necessary for the team of managers at different levels. The next step would be to analyse the training needs, i.e finding out what the team of managers need to learn. This can be done by analysing the skills, knowledge and attitudes that each job requires and then assessing the degree of competence of job holders (team managers) to meet those requirements. The training need has been identified for the team of managers at different levels to attend training to enhance their technical skills which are relevant to areas like team management, financial management and sales management and business competencies in areas such as business leadership, decision-making, communicating and influencing.
 Next, the aims and learning objectives should be set. This will specify what the team will be capable of as a result of training, for example, they will be able to successfully carry out their job role in their specific area – whether it’s team management, financial management or sales management.

 Designing the training event, which should meet the training strategy. The delivery of the training session should cover the following:

• Demonstration of how training relates to organisational goals and strategy
• The cost of the training will need to be considered so that it’s within the training budget
• Showing how training content ideas can be used at work
• Providing practice or application activities that can be used on the job
• The training session should be carried out in a comfortable training environment to facilitate interactions between trainer and trainees
• The room should have all facilities required, such as the seating capacity and hot drinks
• All training materials should be prepared beforehand such as the PowerPoint slides (which can be given to the team beforehand to preview)
• All necessary equipment to be tested to check they are...

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