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Hrm/300 Employee Training And Career Development Write A 1,400 Word Paper Addressing The Following: •Training In An Organization’s Development, •Describe Different Employee Development Methods And Benefits. •Analyze Relationship Between Employee

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Employee Training and Career DevelopmentDanielle FranckeHRM/300November 3, 2014Robert Lacey IV




Employee Training and Career DevelopmentThere are many elements within an organization that can ensure its success, two of which are the training and the development of its employees. Training and developing employees effectively would provide all employees at all levels the tools and information they will need to perform their jobs successfully within the company. Implementing effective employee development methods can be a benefit and can ensure that changes in the daily routine are accomplished. Programs can be made available to meet the needs of the company with the involvement of the human resources department. These programs are very important for the development and training of the career minded employee.Role of Training in an Organization's DevelopmentDeCenzo and Robbins (2007) indicate that employee training is the "present-oriented training that focuses on an individual's current jobs." This indicates that developing employee's knowledge and skill set is a key factor in assisting employees in performing their job functions more effectively. While organizational development is contingent on how employees will perform in their daily job functions, employee training offers the opportunity to further develop the employee's attitude, skill set, knowledge, and reactions to possible stressors. When workers become open to new training techniques and become more experienced in performing new job requirements the company benefits along with the employee. Employee training aids in more viable production, and even though employee training can cost an organization financially the long-term effects of properly training its employee is more valuable to the organization than the overall cost it incurs. The company can further the development of its employees by providing additional training which puts value in the employees personal stock, increases the talent pool and increases the duties the employee can perform.Employee Development Methods and BenefitsAccording to DeCenzo and Robbins (2007) career-oriented training assists companies by focusing on an employee's personal growth. These types of methods consist of assistant-to positions, job rotation, committee assignment, and off- the-job development. The assistant-to positions method assists an employee who is seeking a management position. The method involves providing the employee with the opportunity of working side-by-side with experienced managers. Working as an assistant to a manager provides much needed experience in various activities and the opportunity to perform duties at a higher caliber.Employee development by implementing the job rotation method assists in cross-training employees in various positions within the company. This method offers employees an opportunity to sharpen skills in...

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