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Enrich your Mind, Unleash your potentials
These are changing times. Yet in the middle of all the
changes there is one thing that constantly determines
success. Some call it leadership. But to my mind, it is the
single-minded pursuit of excellence.
Excellence endures and sustains. It goes beyond motivation into the realms
of inspiration. Excellence can be as strong a uniting force as solid vision.
Excellence does not happen in a vacuum. It needs a collective obsession as
I have experienced the benefits of excellence in my own life.
Excellence is a great starting point for any new organization but also an
unending journey. What is excellence? It is about going a little beyond what we
expect from ourselves.
Part of the need for excellence is imposed on us externally by our customers. Our
competition keeps us on our toes, especially when it is global in nature.
But the other driver of excellence is internal. I have found that excellence
is not so much a battle you fight with others, but a battle you fight with
yourself, by constantly raising the bar and stretching yourself and your team.
This is the best and the most satisfying and challenging part about excellence.
How does one create excellence in a business or in organization?
Here are the 8 steps…
8 Steps to Excellence
By: Azim Premji
Enrich your Mind, Unleash your potentials
We must dream of it not only because it delivers better results but because
we truly believe in it and find it intrinsically satisfying to us.
We must think of excellence not only with our mind but also with our
heart and soul. Let us look outside, at the global standards of excellence in
quality, cost and delivery and let us not rest till we surpass them.
You need to Build a collective self-confidence. Organizations and
people who pursue excellence are self-confident. This is because
excellence requires tremendous faith in one's ability to do more and in
a better way. Unless, we believe we can do better, we cannot.
We must understand the difference between perfection for its own sake and
excellence. Time is of essence. Globalization has made the customer
only more impatient. This may seem like a paradox: should we aim for
excellence or should we aim for speed?
Excellence is about doing the best we can and speed lies in doing it quickly.
These two concepts are not opposed to each other; in fact, speed and
timeliness are important elements of quality and excellence.
Enrich your Mind, Unleash your Potentials
Step 1: Create Obsession with Excellence
Step 2: Build a collective Self-confidence
Step 3: Understand the difference between perfection
Enrich your Mind, Unleash your potentials
We must realize that we cannot be the best in everything we do. We
must define what we are or would like to be best at and what someone else
can do better.
Excellence is no longer about being...

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