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Hrm Functions Essay

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Human resource management is the process of selecting, training, developing and compensating individuals at work.(Rugman and Hodgetts 2000). It is defined as a strategic approach to managing employment relations which emphasizes that leveraging people’s capabilities is critical to achieving competitive advantage (Bratton and Gold 2007). It executes or examines what can be or should be done to effectively and efficiently to satisfy their needs as well as the organization’s. However, there are situational factors that sometimes shatter an organization’s approach to strike a balance. An example of this is the current economic downturn otherwise known as the recession. The National Bureau of ...view middle of the document...

The company was issued with the following strategic objectives which were set by the board and emphasized the increase of sales through the reshaping of the business around brands in particular areas of the market segments. The second objective involved the increase of staff engagement, productivity and levels of discretionary effort. Thirdly the company developed a management culture which focused on increasing shareholder value (Phillips, 2012). The HR department of the company was recognized for the role it played in the planning, communicating and implementation of the strategies. The HR department experienced a number of challenges which included slow and ineffective communication, fragmented training at the brand level and insufficient skills in the market they operated within. The first action the board undertook was the creation of an executive committee to which an HR representative was appointed. The committee gathered information relating to HR practices such as recruitment, selection, training, development and reward and linked them to HRM outcomes such as retention, productivity, staff satisfaction and performance (Phillips, 2012). A HR team focused on improving performance based on the data collected and a business case was developed to invest in technology which enabled online recruitment, training and communications. The entire HR team was restricted to focus on recruitment and training activities. The company also undertook internal communication reforms which aimed at improving internal communication. This function was positioned in the HR department and implemented strategies such as enhanced employee induction programs and a dedicated employee website. Accredited training was developed for staff at all levels and was supplemented by internal-development programs to assist internal succession (Phillips, 2012). Regular reports were conducted throughout the organization and measured staff retention and succession. Employee surveys were implemented to gauge the level of engagement and leaver surveys gathered information about the reasons for persons leaving the organization. The company noticed an increase in employee engagement which positively affected customer service and sales. Phillips states that the ability of a company to engage at all levels of the organization to deliver the best results is critical and is not only achieved through recruiting and training but also through leaders who can motivate their teams and ensure persons are rightfully rewarded and recognized through effective performance management.

Recruitment and selection
Since organizations have goals and values, people recruited by the organization should share these values (O’Malley 2000). The argument here is that in order to create commitment, the organization must have the right type of employees in the first instance. During a period of crisis for example in a recession new employee recruitment by some companies has been stopped because the...

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