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Hrm Implications Of Generation X/Diversity/Aging Workforce Essay On Changing Workforce And The Future Of Workforce Includes Bibliography

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HRM Implications of Generation X/Diversity/Aging WorkforceAs the workplace increasingly reflects societies changing diversity, the need to understand and accept others has become more important. More and more minorities are obtaining key positions in companies, and businesses must adapt to these changes, as well as many other changes that are occurring. Three such changes which have had a huge impact on the way businesses run their company are a young generation of new workers known as Generation X, an expanding diverse work force, and an ever growing aging workforce.Generation Xers, are a young generation of new workers who baffle the marketers who try to sell products to them, the employers who try to hire them, and the baby boomers who try manage them. The ages of this generation range from approximately 20-35. Many employers see the people of Generation X as arrogant, disloyal and lazy. They have a profound effect on the workforce; their diversity resists characterization perhaps more than any generation before them. Generation X is more pessimistic, skeptical and pragmatic. They tend to think globally rather than locally. Another belief is they are disloyal, and tend to value self-building jobs that contribute to their marketability. Generation Xers grew up in the boom of technology having the benefits of everything quick, easy, and accessible. One issue for Generation Xers is they must survive in an economy without job and pension security. They must plan in anticipation of supporting their own retirement due to the uncertainty of whether or not there will be any pension funds. Career security for Generation X solely depends on much they create for themselves; they must position themselves as free agents in the career marker, as they are the sole proprietors of their own time, labor and problem solving. Generation Xers are not afraid of change, and they use the availability of information and technology to their advantage.Generation X workers think outside the box, and employers are beginning to recognize this and change the way they go about business. Generation Xers do not expect a lifetime of work and therefore see themselves as free agents in an open market. They tend to think like entrepreneurs, and are starting up their own businesses at young ages. Generation Xers are independent thinkers, and are more analytical and thoughtful than their parents were. As these workers begin to enter the workforce, eighty-five percent of them will be comprised of women, African-Americans, Asians, and other minorities. This trend is very different from the past, as the workforce was dominated by mainly white males. Standards will change completely. Employers must now recognize and cater to the niches that were previously overlooked because they were considered too small.Generation X has brought new priorities to the work place that were not previously seen as important; the importance of the individual, the need for time and space flexibility, the...

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