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Hrm Interventions For Uni Call Business Performance

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In the time of rising competitive environment, organizations need to focus on the importance of investments in human assets as a key source of competitive advantage. To achieve competitive advantage through human assets organizations need to be in possession of human resources that is unique, value adding, inimitable and irreplaceable, whereas to meet these requirements a set of Human Resource Management (HRM) practices is needed. Effective HRM has been identified essentially to absorb a focus upon promoting worker motivation, dedication and development. It is a structure that admits the importance of HRM to the plans of a business, while mirroring efforts by management to build a working atmosphere that emphasizes worker development, through such practices like communication training, and participation, and the importance to have possession of flexible, innovative, committed employees.
The key HRM problems at UniCall
The following account presented on the HRM issues provided in the case study on UniCall, it is clear that the company is engulf with traditional HRM practices. Fundamental to the strategic HRM viewpoints, there is an assumption that company performance is influenced by the set of HRM practices it has in place. There is no performance management system installed yet the firm adopted electronic surveillance as strategy of control to monitor employees’ performance. There is no proper or clear measures for team performance since some of activities require working as and the system reflects the focus on results thus, mounting unduly pressure on employees to meet turn-around-times thereby causing resentment of the method and demoralizing. Focusing on results alone may discourage other important organizational goals neither did the system consider individual efforts and contribution to the team. The method employees are rewarded influences the manner they behave. Employees were apprehensive of their employability and dissatisfied with the reward schemes (not recognizing or rewarding individual skills, efficiency and efforts). Such feelings could be very demoralizing, demotivating, discontent of the system and may hinder the eagerness to work or make efforts and the employee may resign which was evident in the study. Further, individual role is not properly aligned to the nature of their jobs- workers had limited time to recover between calls received and the next to numbers of call they receive. Finally, the supervisor lacked competence and employees were underdeveloped and undertrained hence customers’ complaints was on the increase.

HRM Interventions for UniCall Business Performance

The traditional functions of HR; recruitment, selection, retention, reward and releasing have taken a significant shift from it primary focus as the need to incorporate HR functions with the organisation-wide strategy and vision has become imperative. Contemporary HRM perform business partnership role, investment in people as well as alignment of...

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