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Hrm Strategic Business Partner Paper

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The role of Human Resource is ever changing. Based on the author of this paper's previous coursework, she will conduct some research on HR. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate and conduct research on how HR can be aligned or realigned to become a strategic business partner. The Human Resources Department is crucial to an organization and important in every organization. This paper will also explore how HR can contribute to an organization's competitive performance and describe what it means to be a strategic partner. In addition, the author will discuss ways this can be accomplished.Human Resource Department Changing RoleThe HR department is a rapidly changing department. Not too many ...view middle of the document...

These policies and changes can be presented or explained in the form of employee manuals, handbooks, and training classes.Strategic Human ResourcesGlobalization has enabled HR professionals to seek candidates from around the world. This trend towards globalization brings up several new factors to consider when hiring employees. For example, HR practices must take into consideration differences in culture and business practices. The differences in age, sex, and difference in culture could lead to one organization having an advantage over the other. Before selecting employees to work in another country, HR must take into consideration the employee's ability to understand and respect the cultural and business norms of individuals. An organization consisting of valuable and educated HR employees could be very beneficial.How Human Resources Contribute To OrganizationsHR can contribute to an organizations competitive performance by consisting of employees which possess high ethical standards which are set forth to employees. It is the responsibility of HR to create detailed employee handbooks that outline acceptable and unacceptable behavior. They must create polices that outline what steps to take indifficult situations. HR's influences on ethics include areas of fair treatment, special considerations, employee well being, and respect for the law. HR professionals are usually exposed to more ethical issues than any other profession, and it is often up to them to deal with ethical violations and untruthful communications. "A Decision is promptness and firmness in deciding" (Webster, 2004, p.184). The Employees within the HR department are to make valuable and effective decisions to cover all areas of communication to individuals of rules and...

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1598 words - 6 pages School.Begin, J. 1997. Dynamic Human Resource Systems Cross National Comparisons.Boudreau, J. W. & Ramstad, P. M. From "Professional Business Partner" To "Strategic Talent Leader": "What's Next" for Human Resource Management. Retrieved on March 26, 2009 from, M. H. Discussion Board Articles - Human Resource Management. Retrieved on March 28, 2009 from, R.S. and Jackson, S.E. 1999. Strategic Human Resource Management. London: Blackwell.

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