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Abst ractThis essay will discuss the theoretical, conceptual and empirical development in the field of strategic human resource management. It is found that the idea of best-fit and best-practices has been popular in the amplificationof SHRM.Thebest-fitschoolof thoughtarguedthatHRstrategywillbemoreeffectivewhen it is appropriately integrated with its specific organizational and environmental context.Whereas, the best practices school of thought f avours universalism, arguing that all f irms will be better of f if theyidentifyandadopt'best-practice'inthewaytheymanagepeople.However,inlast20years,the resource-based view of the firm has played a pivotal role in the theoretical and conceptual developments in the field of SHRM.The resource-based view of the firm put emphasis on the internal resources of the firm as the source of sustained competitive advantage. These all ideas have important role in the amplification of SHRM field. Further, integration of SHRM ideas and concepts in Japanese MNEs operating in USA, Russia, UK, China and Taiwan has been investigated.Int roduct ionIn this era of globalisation and intense competition firms are seeking ways to continuously gain competitive advantage, flexibility and be innovative.It has been argued in literature that efficient and effective human resource's polices and practices play pivotal role in gaining this competitive advantage and therefore, much emphasis is now on linking organisational strategies to human resource strategies. Strategic human resource management (SHRM) has its foundation in the US in 1980s in the work of the 'Harvard Group' (Beer et al., 1984 cited in Truss and Lynda, 1994) and the 'Michigan/Columbia Group' (Fomburn et al., 1984 cited in Truss and Lynda, 1994).Bef ore proceeding f urther to explore the developments in the f ield of SHRM, some various def initions in the literature which describe the concept of strategic human resource management are as follow:Truss and Gratton (1994) states that SHRM is linking of HRM with strategic goals and objectives of firm to enhance business performance and to develop organisational culture that support innovation and flexibility.Schular and Walker (1970, cited in Truss and Lynda, 1994) states that, human resource strategy is a set of processes and activities jointly shared by human resource and line managers to solve people-related business issues.Wright and McMahan (1992, cited in Wright, 1998) defined SHRM is the pattern of planned human resource deployments and activities intended to enable the firm to achieve its goals.In the view of above definitions, strategic human resource management therefore, takes a macro-levelperspective (Truss and Lynda, 1994) and contains lot of debate in the literature f or the f actors inf luencing the development and implementation of the f ield of SHRM.You can get expert help with your essays right now. Find out more...Best-fit school of thought:The best-fit school of thought argues that HR strategy...

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