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Hsc Area Of Study Changing Self (Gwen Harwood).

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HSC Changing SelfChange is inevitable, but the outcomes of change depend on an individual's response to the changes which occur."Discuss how the techniques used by the composers highlight ideas about Changing Self which have influenced your ideas about this aspect of change.Over time, change will always occur, but the extent of the change depends on the individual, and the way that he or she responds to the events that occur. Each different persona will have different reactions, as evident in Gwen Harwood's poems Prize-Giving and The Glass Jar, the prescribed text Sky-High, Zadie Smith's novel White Teeth, and the film Life As A House, directed by Irwin Winkler and starring Kevin Kline. As most changes in these texts relate to intangible features of an individual- personality, emotions, outlook and attitudes- the extent of the change cannot be measured in a standard unit. However, the change can be determined in relative terms, and this measure commences with the attributes and attitudes of the individual before the events of change occur.The extent of change may also depend on whether an event is expected and whether the persona can prepare for the event of change. Preparation can be seen to reduce the impact of an expected event, but can also be seen as a response to the expected event.In Prize-Giving, the response of Eisenbart is portrayed through the shattering of his arrogance, complacency, and pride. The composer portrays this clearly using sarcasm, juxtapositioning of contradictory ideas, imagery, and the jarring effect of the loose and flowing sentences against the formal ABCBA rhyme scheme. In Sky-High, the composer highlights ideas of time and memory, the thrill of childhood, and maturation, applying techniques including comparison, retrospect, and striking imagery. In The Glass Jar, Harwood uses techniques of vivid imagery, metaphor, inversion of adjectives, and the juxtapositioning of sophisticated language against simple understanding (implying further knowledge). These techniques portray the idea of the change, that is, the initial steps towards independence for a young boy, and loss of some innocence and faith in the process.The process of four teenagers growing up, and deciding their own approaches to living, is the central theme in the novel White Teeth. The changes are Josh Chalfen disowning his family; the maturation of Irie; the return of Magid; and the relentless and apparently dynamic changes to Millat. These ideas are made clearer and more profound through the long and inconsistent chronology, the usage of the parents to judge the level of change (expectations and reality), the expectations that Josh, Irie, Magid and Millat have of each other, the obscuring of Irie, the removal of Magid early in the novel and his return towards the end, and retrospect, particularly for Josh.This process is also seen in Life As A House, where a dying father, George, builds a house, his relationship with his son, Sam, and ex-wife, and his...

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