Hsie Task 2 With Plot Twist Eddies/8 He1 Essay

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HSIE TASK 2- Japan under Shoguns
“Journey of Honor”
(Shogun Mayeda)

HSIE: Japanese Shoguns

Part A
The movie “Shogun Mayeda” or “Journey of Honor” is a film that begins with the battle of Sekigahara where allies of Toyotomi Hideyori appear superior to their enemies as their army consists of mostly firearms until suddenly it begins to rain, which extinguishes the Arquebuses (their weaponry) making them unusable. The threat that they pose towards their enemies was no more. The Samurai Mayeda recognizes his chance and leads the warriors of Tokugawa Leyasu to victory. The battle of Sekigahara took place on the 21st of October 1600. It marked a turning point in Japanese history. By winning the battle, Tokugawa Leyasu became...

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