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Finally, after some speculation and assumptions, the features of HTC Desire 400 have been officially unveiled. However, a few specifications, such as the OS version and HTC Desire price in Pakistan are yet to be revealed.
Here is an overview of the smartphone as revealed by the company’s Russian website.
A Decent Look:
The handset looks sophisticated and attractive. It is 8.9 mm in thickness which makes it satisfyingly sleek. The overall length equals 5.04 inches, but the screen covers only 4.3 inches of the area. This medium measurement makes the phone delightfully portable without disrupting the browsing, gaming and video watching experience.
A Wonderful Display:
Users will be able to experience an amazing ‘Super LCD2’ touchscreen with 16 million colors contributing towards pleasing brightness. The resolution of the display is 400 by 800 pixels, which is further enhanced by a pixel density roughly equaling 217 PPI (Pixels per Inch). Multi-touch gestures are supported on the screen for performing various functions.
Dual-Sim – the Main Attraction:
The main attracting factor of this latest gadget is its dual-SIM functionality. You can insert a mini SIM in the additional slot. Therefore, if you buy HTC desire 400, you will be able to avail the benefits of two mobile networks at the same time.
Powerful Processor and OS:
The quad-core processor of the phone is up to the mark with a fast speed of 1.2 GHz. An equally good quality chipset has been used—Snapdragon 200. However, different specifications have been seen on the Ukraine website. Instead of Quad-core, it mentions a dual-core processor with 1 GHz of speed.
On the other hand, the mentioned operating system is the same according to both the online sources—Android. It is the most common OS in a variety of smartphones in the market. There are plenty of apps in Google’s Play Store for all Android users worldwide.
As expected, the company’s signature user interface, “HTC...

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