Huck Finn: To Be Or Not To Be? Is The Book Racist And Should It Be Thought In Schools?

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In Huckleberry Finn there are many words that could certainly offend many people, especially African Americans, however it is only used to make the book more real. It would be impossible to write a book about slavery without the use of some offending words, and even if someone could manage that, it would make the story artificial. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a book about freedom , friendship , growing up and especially the life on the South, and it is most certainly not a racist book.The word "nigger" is used so often in the book , that it doesn't just appear in every chapter but also on almost every page. Does that mean that this book is racist? Without reading the rest of the text, the answer would be yes, but at the end of the book the doctor makes a speech about Jim in front of an enraged mob who caught him and after complimenting him ends the speech with "He ain't no bad nigger, gentlemen; that's what I think about him."(314). Twain merely mentioned slavery and the racism that was common for that period, and concentrated more on the friendship of two people who had the same goal: to become free. Elizabeth Haley ,who has analyzed Huckleberry Finn and its effect on society once said: "Mr. Twain, himself, would greatly appreciate the irony in the fact that the novel he wrote to condemn racism is one century later condemned as racist trash"(Haley 121) By this she means that Twain intended to write a book against slavery and a century later it is viewed as a racist book. The book has been criticized by many , not only as a racist book but also as a book with bad language and incorrect grammar.From the beginning it is obvious that the whole book is written in a southern dialect. Many people have disagreed with this method of writing, because the grammar is incorrect and very primitive and not at all "sivilized"(Twain). Using terms like "by and by" makes the story , not only more believable , but also makes the reader aware of America during the nineteenth century. At the beginning of the book, Twain writes that "in this book a number of dialects are used". He did not come up with the dialect "by guess-work" nor in "a haphazard fashion". By implementing incorrect words such as "awluz", "nuffn" and a great number more , Twain makes Huckleberry Finn a totally believable book, which has today become a reflection of American culture.There have been many books written about America and it's culture but as Hemingway said "All modern American...

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1136 words - 5 pages things such as that to show his appreciation. Huck society-bred ideas about slavery and racism were immensely altered throughout this book. in the beginning he was questioning whether or not send Jim back to slavery and in the end he went to the fullest extent, with the help of tom sawyer of course, to get him out of slavery. this book is an eye opener, in many ways to the way people operated pre-civil war. The symbolism in the book was very satisfactory as well as the imagery and tone of the novel.

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586 words - 2 pages could not understand Tom's romantic nature and he disagrees with Tom's decisions on numerous occasions.Tom Sawyer is the "leader of the gang." He is outspoken and very adventurous. He plays the role of the romantic, which is a key factor here because it conflicts with Huck's literal approach. When Huck was faced with the decision of whether or not to free Jim, he thinks back to what he has been taught. He knows only what has been instilled in his

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