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Huck's Growth As A Person Essay

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Mark Twain is the author of the novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. At the beginning of the novel, Huck Finn is an immature thirteen year old boy. He goes south on a river with a runaway slave trying to leave his previous life behind. During the course of the novel, Huck meets several people who teach him very significant life lessons. These lessons help build the foundation of the person Huck will become. He learns what true friendship is, how to be dependable, and how to be honest.
In the beginning, Huck does not really understand what a true friend is, and then he goes on a voyage with Jim, a runaway slave. For a while, Huck has thoughts regarding whether or not he should ...view middle of the document...

He decides to run away because both the Widow Douglas and Miss Watson are trying to change him into a civilized and proper young man. However, he decides to return to the two women and lets them transform him into the young man they have envisioned. Regardless of how hard they tried, they could not change Huck completely. Although there are many points in the novel where Huck has to be dependable, there is one that proves just how dependable he has becomes. When Jim sees Huck coming back from Cairo he says, “There you go, that honest old Huck—the only white gentleman that ever kept his promise to old Jim.” (Twain 139). Although, he might not always choose the right people to be dependable towards; he still proves that he has the ability to be there for others. This is proven the best when Huck always makes sure that he finds his way back to Jim. Even though it might be several days before the two are reunited, Huck always wants to make sure that Jim is okay. When Huck hears that Jim was taken as a slave, Huck tries to figure out a way to save him before it is too late. Throughout the most of the novel, Huck proves that others, especially Jim, can depend on him to be there when they need him most.
Huck starts out always teasing others and rarely ever telling the truth, because telling a lie was so easy for him, at least before his journey. However, during the journey it continues to become harder for Huck to lie or keep things from others. This lesson is first seen when Huck jokes with Jim by saying, "Well, this is too many for me, Jim. I hain't seen no fog, nor no islands, nor no troubles, nor nothing. I been setting here talking with...

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