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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Analysis Essay

“The situation of the orphan is truly the worst, you’re a child, powerless, with no protectors or guides. It’s the most vulnerable position you can be in, to see someone overcome those odds tells us something about the human spirit. They are often depicted as the kindest or most clever of characters.” Michelle Boisseau describes how important these types of characters are. In a Sunday Times article, she states that a lot of the stories and novels are considered to be apologues about orphans becoming the hero of the book. Huck’s story is quite like this subject. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a novel written by Mark Twain, it’s about a boy named Huckleberry Finn, who sets out on a journey to discover his own truth about living free in nature, rather than becoming civilized in a racist and ignorant society. Mark Twain implies that Huck Finn resembles more of what he believes is right rather than what society surmises from him. Twain reveals this through the themes of satire, racism, and hero’s journey, which he uses constantly through out the book.
Satire is mockery, irony, and sarcasm used to expose human faults, foolish behavior, or to express how ridiculous and pointless something is. Twain comes across this theme in many chapters of the book. Once the boys find their secret hide out, they agree that each member must have a close family member that can be killed in case of betrayal. While Tom Sawyer and the gang are deciding whether Huck is eligible to join the crew, Huck suggests, “They talked it over, and they was going to rule me out, because they said every boy must have a family or somebody to kill, or else it wouldn’t be fair and square for the others.. And so I offered Miss Watson¾they could kill her.”(Pg. 8). This quote supports the theme of satire because Huck sarcastically is willing to offer his caretaker and teacher for eligibility in entering the gang’s club of robbers when his friends state about him not having a family member to kill. Another example of satire is the incident of Boggs in chapter twenty-one. After Boggs, the town drunk, had clearly annoyed Colonel Sherburn with his nonsense, Sherburn had no choice but to pull the trigger on Boggs, desperate to kill him. When Boggs is shot dead, everyone jumps with excitement, all appalled of witnessing a shooting. Twain analyzes how the “loafers” imitate Boggs calamity. As Huck sees this chaos in town, he describes the scene, “The streets was full, and everybody was excited. Everybody that had seen the shooting was telling how it happened, and there was a big crowd packed around each other… One long lanky man, marked down the place where Boggs stood, and where Sherburn stood, they watched him mark the places on the ground with his cane, and then he stood up and straight and stiff where Sherburn had stood, frowning and having his hat-brim down over his eyes, and sung out, ‘Boggs!’ and then fetched his...

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1408 words - 6 pages The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain features a boy and his African American friend Jim experience many adventures together which conflict with society. “Self Reliance” by Ralph Waldo Emerson explains that good and bad are just words and only you can determine what’s right and wrong. Huck’s actions and thoughts about Jim don’t agree with society and, instead, follow the thoughts of Ralph Waldo Emerson. Ralph Waldo Emerson says in

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