Huckleberry Finn's Satirical Portrayal Of Religion And Society

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Mark Twain’s masterpiece “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” is considered by many to be the greatest American novel ever written, which incorporates contrasting themes around a central plot to emphasize the purposes of humor and insight. It is a typical satire by using the humor to criticize the hypocrisy of “Civilized” Society and get a rise out of the gullibility of people. in “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, the Grangerford and shepherdson families which had malevolence toward each other, pious widow who owned slaves and the duck and dauphin who disguise themselves as members of the upper classes are the hypocrites just like John proctor, in “crucible”, who’s seen as a moral, well-respected man on the surface, but in fact betrayed his wife and had an adulatory with Abilgail, and those judges who claimed themselves as religious and justice people but killed innocent people in order to keep the reputation and position in the society.
Widow Douglass, the pious woman with Miss Watson who adjusts Huck’s life with strict etiquette and wants to teach Huck all the things his father has neglected. Huck has to go to eat on time when Douglass rings the bell and has to wait until she tucks down her head, gets a little over her plate. Huck is forced to wear elaborate clothing with collar all the time, get educated, learn the social values and confine the urge to smoke because it’s considered wrong and unsanitary. Huck doesn’t want to live with them because their unnecessary rigidity of their lifestyles. “living in a house all the time, and everything so regular.” Widow Douglass owns slave is a contradiction of being a Christian which points out the aspect of hypocrisy. It’s ironic that “they brought the slaves in and had prayers, then everybody was off to bed” because the point of praying is they believing in god, they are supposed to treat everyone equally, but they still own slaves and make them to do the work all day long which shows that they only do the prayer superficially but don’t follow the true essence of prayer. In addition, they are planning to sell Jim and being mendacious to him which shows they are hypocrite. “Miss Watson, she always says he wouldn’t sell me down to Orleans, but l...

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